3 Ways to Style a Sweater Dress with Thrifty Finnie

“The world is your fashion show!”

— Jade / Thrifty Finnie

Name: Jade Finnie 
Location: Manchester, England
Occupation: Charity shop worker/instagram queen 

Story behind garment or why you chose it for this: I picked this dress because it’s getting so cold and this jumper dress is so versatile! Goes with everything and so warm! Let’s see how to style a dress in 3 different ways.

 Style secret: Wear whatever you want! Better to be overdressed than underdressed! The world is your fashion show! Don’t be afraid to wear bold outfits.

Pop superstar Katy Perry wearing wild and colorful outifts
Style Icon Katy Perry: Colorful outfits galore!

Look One: Styling the dress with a great vintage coat

Styling a camel knit dress with a vintage faux fur coat

This day I was going out to photograph this gorgeous coat!
(It’s my dream to have my own vintage shop)
I went out to take photo of the coat, so I could use the photos to sell it but once I saw the photos I couldn’t sell it! Abs have kept it for myself.

Massive fail but I just love it!
I wore the dress so the coat would stand out! And knew it would look fab with the boots!

Look Two: Styling the dress AS a jumper! (or sweater if you’re in the US 😉 )

Styling a dress like a sweater tucked into a knee length pencil skirt
Today I decided to wear the dress as a jumper!
I was spending my day off enjoying some charity shopping and chai lattes!
And showing of these amazing daisy boots I got from work!
Dress went perfect with the skirt and I felt so chic!

Look Three: Styling the dress with a cute cropped jacket

Styling a dress with a cute pastel blue cropped jacket and cream colored tote.
I had my hair done and wanted to show it off!
I had a lovely autumnal walk around the park.
When and got some food and spend the rest of the day in bed watching YouTube
Need to relax and chill out some days!
Wanted to show of this jacket! And the dress is so neutral it can be worn all the time 😍

Find her at Thriftyfinnie – insta/tiktok/YouTube

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