Thrift the Runway: a DIY Dries van Noten Skirt

a DIY skirt inspired by dries van noten runway

Fashion week officially starts today and as always, there will be plenty of inspiration. But to give you a headstart is our own Audrey sharing her take on inspired-by-the-runway style. We love the hi/low balance of the vintage college tee with her gorgeous “new” skirt.

DIY: An Extreme Sport

The skirt I missed out on!

The skirt I missed out on!

I often catch myself thinking about the pieces that could have been. You know…the amazing designs that you missed out on for one reason or another. Those moments when you decide if you buy the piece or pay the rent, and your responsible side wins out. This Dries Van Noten skirt was one of those pieces for me. I love scarves anyway and the thought of these colorful beauties cascading down the front of a chic, black skirt was just too much for me to handle. Alas, the skirt sold before I could get my hands on it, so I reluctantly tucked my scarf/skirt dreams away for another day.

Several days ago I was sitting on the couch in my apartment when this skirt came to mind. As I sat there daydreaming I thought, “Wait a minute…I could probably get the same look with some scarves and a belt!” I skipped excitedly to my closet where I toyed around with the recipe for about 30 minutes, moving colors around, alternating scarves, and tying new knots around my chain belt until it was perfect!


“Even though this skirt is a Dries Van Noten design, I wanted to take the styling in a more Versace direction. ”

I added some boots, a beret, and gold jewelry for that extra push. I finished my look and honestly, I’m more satisfied with the skirt design I created than the actual Dries design.

Of course, you can’t re-create every piece you miss out on (unless your sewing skills are top notch and if so, I’m extremely jealous). Some pieces are just too elaborate to simply DIY, but it does make you think what else you can use to re-imagine some of your favorite pieces or change up what you already have. I recently bought a vintage shower curtain from Goodwill that had an awesome ruffle all the way around. I saw potential and have now altered four pieces of clothing from my closet using this ruffle from a SHOWER CURTAIN! If that doesn’t get your DIY heart pumping then I don’t know what will.

If you’re new to the thrifting/DIY world, don’t be nervous about getting started. I’ve made plenty of things that I just had to laugh at because it was so bad. You will never learn and grow unless you try! Thrifting/DIY is a great way to update your wardrobe, give something new life, and keep some cash in your pocket. So the next time you’re daydreaming about the amazing piece you missed out on, stop and ponder if there is a way to have your skirt and pay the rent too!

Top, Skirt, Boots, Scarves, Chain Belt: All Thrifted!

Dries van Noten inspiration straight from the runway

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