Remake an Old Denim Skirt with This Trick!


Old Skirt, New Tricks

What a little No Shopping can do!

If you go on instagram and search for #noshoppingchallenge you’ll find many people who are doing this – for a month, or the summer or the whole year. It can definitely be tricky but it’s the sort of limitation that can lead to some unexpected creativity. While Audrey didn’t necessarily do a “challenge” she did make her own no shopping rule…and we love what Audrey did to her skirt below…and the whole look! If you try something like this yourself tag #nokillmag on instagram and we’ll share your results!

I am currently participating in a no shopping rule due to a recent move. This rule has led me to reconsider the clothes in my closet and how I can make things “new” again. In the hustle and bustle of moving, I actually had this skirt in my donation pile. I reconsidered when I thought about how easy it is to alter denim with just a pair of scissors. I decided that a simple cut wouldn’t justify me keeping the skirt, and if I was going to pull it out of donation then it would have to be for a good reason.

I have recently been experimenting with more abstract and diagonal lines when I alter pieces and thought how amazing this skirt would be with this cut. I then went a step further and added tulle to the bottom to give it that extra kick.

It is amazing what you can do to a piece of clothing when you have a little vision! This piece now looks much more couture and unique all because I didn’t give up on it. The best part is that I got a completely new skirt out of something I already owned along with a brand new perspective!

(Entire outfit is thrifted with the exception of my shoes which are Chloé from consignment.)

My name is Audrey Rhodes, and I am a funky fashion lover who seeks to educate those around me about style and sustainability. Most thrifted fashion is considered very safe and basic; however, I attempt to take thrifted fashion to a new level through the lens of the runway. I will be taking you on a journey that shows just how useful a thrift store can be, if you have the right perspective, and how you can help the environment while looking the best you’ve ever looked.