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Name: Debora Florio
Location: Florence, Italy
Founder: Bio Fashion Lab
Community Organizer: Remake

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Wear your confidence… and your values of course!!! Well ok, it’s not easy, or at least it wasn’t for me. My self-confidence was pretty much inexistent for the first 31 years of my life (today I am 33), and my values… well for sure I was not wearing them. With a career in fast fashion for more than seven years and a shopping addiction, I was not the best role model to follow, but I have learned a lot from that time in my life. Today from my experience I can tell people to stop and think before any compulsive shopping, to understand who they are, which style fits their personality, and to express themself through clothes. Whatever makes you feel gorgeous, wear it and wear it again, and again, and again, because trends are only temporary but who we are is eternal.

Style IconS

Ok let me be sincere, I do not have a style icon. To find a name of someone that could be defined as an icon I had to google it and it took me hours. In the end, I thought, yeah I love Alexa Chung… mmm but do I choose my clothes thinking about her outfits? Not at all. She is amazing like millions of others, like anyone, really. Personally, when I choose what to wear I think of the woman I am, or the one I want to be, the one I am trying to become, in this way, choosing my look takes a matter of seconds.

Why I chose this shirt to style

Why I picked this Shirt to style

This shirt is my favorite one. I took it from my father’s wardrobe 5 years ago, and I use it in hundreds of different ways. Playing with garments is something I love doing especially if they belong to a family member. I think a white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces we could have in our wardrobe, and when you have an emotional attachment to it, it is impossible to get rid of. That’s why I like playing around with it, transforming it into a summer top or a crop top ready to go to an Aperitivo all’Italiana!

Styling a classic white shirt look 1

Summer, Here I am

Yes, that white top is an oversized shirt. Wear it on the opposite side, tuck the collar in, and close the back making the knots with the sleeves, and here you go ready for a hot summer night out!

Styling a classic white shirt look 2

Simply Sophisticated

Another idea to wear a white shirt is to wear it on the other side, wearing only one sleeve and using the other to close the top from the back. I love how the collar creates this sophisticated vibe. In the picture, I am wearing it with a palazzo glittery high-wasted trousers but I like it as well combined with fluid black trousers, tucked in, with my hair up and wearing some golden earrings! One shirt, millions of possibilities!

Styling a classic white shirt look 3

Aperativo All’ItalianA

This is my favorite way to use a white shirt! You can combine it with any high-waisted pants or skirt, and it is perfect for different occasions. I love to use it to go to an aperitif with friends, better if it’s on a terrace in Florence during sunset… imagine that view!

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