How to Style a Tartan Waistcoat

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Name: Lottie Hammond-Wright
Location: Farnham, Surrey UK
Occupation: Lifestyle Editor for Goodwood Revival

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Follow your instinct. When I started my sustainable style page in 2020 I was a totally different dresser very much bouncing between trends, what I saw in the shops and basics like skinny jeans. As I immersed myself in the style of women in the thrifting community, I was in awe of all the quirky, unique ways they could put together a look. With a colourful sock, or an oversized jacket, they created something I had never really seen in the real world. Day to day I was surrounded by other busy mums on the school run in sports wear or jeans, and then Lockdown brought our sense of style to a halt. But creating my instagram page opened my eyes to what was possible and I fell into experimenting with lots of different colours, styles, eras, accessories etc. I highly recommend joining some instagram style challenges where people will give a daily prompt to inspire your look for the day. It really got me out of my comfort zone and got me thinking creatively. Since then I’ve been on a journey, both with how I look and dress, as well as how I actually feel about myself and how I feel most comfortable! It’s been a ride!

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everyone!! I know that sounds mad, but I see style inspiration everywhere I go. I’ll see how one person tucks in their shirt, or layers their clothes, wears chunky loafers with colourful socks, or rocks a deer stalker hat…and I love it all. I’m not saying that every look is something I’d automatically go toward, but if something catches my eye on the street I’ll a) always try and tell them how bloody cool they are and b) think how I could bring that look into my own style. I don’t like to copy any single look – but bring different bits of inspiration together in my own way.

Why I picked this waistcoat to style three looks and close-up

Why I picked this waistcoat to style

This is one of those pieces I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember when I bought it. It is my go-to piece when I can’t think what to wear – which happens more than you’d think – because it works with so many things and creates a ‘Look’ without having to put in too much effort! Everyone needs something like that in their closet. It’s also really adaptable and can go from looking cutesy over a dress to masculine buttoned up over a shirt.

Look One: Office Best Dressed

Lottie Sustainable Style How to style a tartan waistcoat look 1

I wore this for work this week – it’s a new job and I’m still so excited about getting to dress up everyday after a decade of working from home. On this particular day I started off in a dress before realising it was too late. Running late I just grab my waistcoat and the rest fell into place. Pattern clashing is something I never used to do, partly because I didn’t know how to and partly because I was stuck in the box that ‘patterns should match’ and that clashing was bad. But over the last few years I’ve come to love a good mix and match of colours, patterns and styles. It’s all about trying things which are a little out your comfort zone and realising no one else cares what you are wearing!

Look Two: Evening Out There Wear

Lottie sustainable style how to style a tartan waistcoat look 2

I wore these to pop out for a drink with a friend. I love these types of pleated mens trousers because I can wear them smart for work, then with something a bit more ‘out there’ for evening. This little brown corset is very out of my comfort zone – after 2 kids a cropped top is not really on my day to day style list – but every now and again I pluck up the courage. Wearing it with high waist trousers definitely helped and then popping the waistcoat over it gave it an extra zing (and coverage!)

Look Three: Day to Day

lottiesustainablestyle how to style a tartan waistcoat look 3

This is more of a day-to-day look for me. I love a big hat and stompy shoes. This look brings in my utter LOVE for the masculine aesthetic but mixes in a little femininity with the puff sleeves. Without the waistcoat it was quite a standard look, but the waistcoat brings the whole thing to life.

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