Kenneth Ize A/W 21

KennethIzeGrid2.jpgKenneth Ize focuses on bringing Nigerian craft and tradition to the world through luxury pieces. The collection, “The Circle of Death and Rebirth,” is a direct reflection of the last year in Nigeria and the world. Between the COVID pandemic and the End SARS campaign to end civil unrest, Ize has had to work out of conditions he never imagined. In conversation with fashion editor Paul McLauchlan, Ize said, “I’m not happy as a designer right now and I’m not trying to make you wear happy clothes.”
The collection features dark and muted colors like brown and green. The ouroboros can be seen on a few pieces which is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail. The ouroboros represents endless return, or death and rebirth. Though the collection is almost a direct contrast to last year’s vibrant colors, Ize still uses the same techniques and attention to detail. As always, he worked closely with weavers, artisan and design groups in Nigeria. A textile that he continues to use is aso oke, a hand-woven cloth made by the Yoruba people in West Africa. 

The collection was presented digitally. The models posed in front of light colored blankets and tapestries. The idea might have come from hardship but it was presented with hope. Overall, Ize is interested in using this collection to speak his truth and continue to share the beauty of Nigeria.