Marine Serre review A/W 21

serre+lookbook+1.jpg“CORE is a love letter to all who are feeling lost in a world of isolation. This year we found strength in our roots and imagination as a force for transformation.

Thank you for being part of it.”

— Marine Serre

 Critically acclaimed designer Marine Serre excels in colliding silhouettes of vintage French couture with references of sportswear and innovative fabrics to create her own ecofuturistic approach. All of her creations are approached with an eco-friendly mindset that collectively promotes a new era of style as well as a new way of being.

A core is the part of something that is central to its existence and also the name of Serre’s most recent Fall 2021 collection. Core, something fundamental that essentially holds everything else together, is the feeling we perceived watching Marine Serre’s new collection that debuted on her website on Tuesday. The designs are a reflection of the accomplishments of the brand throughout the past 3 years, giving light to the importance of consistency. The designer uses her collection to voice the importance of staying authentic to oneself, declaring that “When you know how you are, you don’t need to change faces every morning”, and we could not agree more.

 What we can see through Serre’s unique presentation is that this is not about the clothes, but about the people who wear it. Her garments reflect a degree of realness that we all crave at the moment. These are not clothes we have to dream about, these are clothes we can wear to be in tune with ourselves, to be with our family, to feel free and to laugh.

 Her garments are made out of upcycled and repurposed silk scarves that are accessorized with mystical metal belts or repurposed into patchwork tunics. Beautiful trousers and coats made out of deadstock leather are combined with tops that feature her iconic crescent moon print. The down to earth, authentic atmosphere of her collection is further emphasized through the warm colour palette of her garments.

We especially loved the earthy and natural hues of browns in her collection that transform the models who wear it into a part of nature. The warm shades of brown reflect our desire for the natural world. We are over the fake and the digital, being inside for so long, we are seeking out the real, family, and the familiar –which is what we receive through ‘Core’.