What Could the Future of Fashion Look Like? Fashion Students Provide Answers at Fashion For Good Museum

Poster of the Fashion for Good ‘News from the Future; exhibition designed by Sara Biatchinyi.

Post-consumer waste, overconsumption and the pollution of our waterways are just some of the industry issues we are currently facing. Mirrored against rising temperatures and increasingly unstable weather conditions, the global shift as a result of climate change is inevitable. 

What does this mean for future generations? How do we move forward from here?

Amsterdam based Fashion For Good’s latest exhibit, News From The Future invited Dutch students and new creative voices to reflect on these questions.

As part of a new Educational Program and Toolkit developed by the Fashion for Good Museum, a selection of up-and-coming talents consisting of Dutch fashion students (HKU, Saxion, Rijnland, and Zadkine), were asked to share their visionary perspectives on the future of fashion. The result is a multi-media exhibit consisting of garments, installation and video.

Additionally, to enhance these narratives, and to facilitate a space for connection between emerging talent, the Museum invited Current Obsession Magazine – an interdisciplinary jewellery platform and magazine – to co-curate an installation. It focuses on the “sustainable and regenerative design practices in both the fashion and jewellery industries.

The jewellery installation will be updated weekly. The exhibition will also highlight emerging talent through an art auction and a panel discussion on the future of jewellery.

Dolkrey at fashion for good exhibition
(Dolkrey) Cosmic Summer by Kevin Paraiso – News from the future. Credits: Photo by Elzo Bonam for Fashion For Good Museum

Designer Kevin Paraiso (Paris/Benin) also showcases a creative workshop in the museum. It features looks from his Cosmic Summer .Dolkrey collection. This was originally presented during Spring/Summer ‘23 of Paris Fashion Week. “Cosmic Summer reflects on our desire to bring vibrant colours and a sense of uplift to the fashion of today and tomorrow. A cosmic news from the future.” A hopeful collection, with future-forward elements seamlessly integrated from the use of deadstock, circular materials and an on-demand tailoring business model with inhouse printing – presents a positive outlook.

The exhibition features several design students including: 
Soof Stoop (@soof.ms), Manuel van Sijl (@manuel_there4), Pepijn Jonkhans (@pepijnjonkhans), Lotte Beaart (@lottebeaart), Ricky van der Zandt (@rickyvdzandt), Misha Bleijs (@mishableijs), Michelle Zhang (@mich_zhang90), Romy Elling (@romyfleurell), Silke Heinen (@silkeheinen), Sophie Bannink (@sophiebannink) ,Zoë Zinhagel (@zowi3e) ,Elise Demuth (@elisedemuth) ,Gabriel Chesnelong (@gabrielchesnelong

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