PH5 living a ski bum life


it’s apres ski, apres all!



We were told the inspiration for Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin’s latest collection was images of the ski bums and bunnies captured by Slim Aarons –a photographer known for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities in the middle of last century. Or as he put it: “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

A time pre-internet, global warming and instagram it feels literally worlds apart from today. And walking into the presentation at the highline and seeing the large but not-quite-large-enough photo of the snow covered mountain behind the models felt oddly surreal. As though we are all imagining this skiing paradise that will soon no longer exist.

But I digress! Regardless of the theme, these clothes are pure fun. PH5 continues to make some of the most sophisticated zero-waste garments around using the technology of 3D knitting to create their signature skirts and dresses. This year they’ve added a knit puffer jacket to their collection and continue with their use of UV-reactive yarn. This time on an off-white SKI sweater that will turn pale blue in the sun. It’s the fact that these innovative production modes create such attractive clothes that makes it all work.