Rentrayage: Fashion’s Favorite New Remix


Fashion’s Favorite New Remix


Rentrayage is a french word that means to mend –and more specifically to repair a damaged tapestry or where a tear has occurred during weaving. So it’s a telling name for this label by Erin Beatty –formerly of one of our favorite brands SUNO. With this label she works with deadstock material and upcycled vintage. This in and of itself is not much different than some MFA fashion design students. But her design expertise and a clearly defined aesthetic elevate her work beyond those just starting out. To someone outside of the design process, starting with a garment already made might seem like it would be easier but it is in fact more challenging. To deconstruct and transform it into something new is definitely a skill and takes a certain eye, an ability to see the possibilities. Beatty definitely has that and the results are delightful.