Next Gen Fashion Designer: Sharon Javkin, London College of Fashion


Name of your collection: Judios Guadalupanos – It is a phrase my mum always uses to describe our family since we are a Jewish family living in a predominantly Catholic country where we’ve taken some of their traditions on, creating a fusion of cultures and beliefs.

What is the inspiration or concept behind it?

The collection is influenced by the stories they lived, the objects they brought with them and found along the way, the clothes they wore and more importantly the contrasting cultures that merged within one same family. It is a celebration of family, culture, diversity and the environment.

How is sustainability part of your ethos?
Looking at new beginnings and starting from zero, the collection has an intrinsic value of sustainability which engulfs every aspect of design, sourcing and production. Every single material has been carefully considered in order to be as sustainable as possible, to have the lowest carbon footprint and to leave minimal impact at its end-of-life.
The fabrics used have been traced so that they have travelled to a maximum of 3 countries, as opposed to the industry average of 10. They are natural, organic, and where possible, not treated with chemicals to allow them to decompose naturally if they ever were to reach a landfill. To ensure the garments are fully biodegradable all threads used for sewing are 100% organic cotton and trims are sourced to be natural and as sustainable as possible. Moreover, fabrics are naturally dyed, using food waste and byproduct seeds sourced from a local Mexican restaurant in efforts to not use any new resources for dyeing and to make sure leftover dyes can be put back into the earth, without harming the environment.
Unbleached and biodegradable bamboo wadding is used for quilted jackets and headpieces, and the off-cuts from those pieces are then used for the pillow details in the dresses in order to maximise resources and allow for zero waste to be created in the production process.  Those fabrics which are not natural (only three used) are deadstock fabrics directly sourced from a sustainable luxury brand in order to prevent them from reaching a landfill by giving them a second life.
Furthermore, I have developed my own bio-plastic formula derived from 100% natural and compostable ingredients and dyes to use for embroidery. These will biodegrade over time depending on the wearer’s use, unveiling different designs adapted to each customer.

“As a Jewish family during the early 20th century, my grandparents faced discrimination, pogroms and lack of opportunities so they decided to leave everything behind and sneak into a boat. They arrived in Mexico, where they had to start from nothing.

How do you see the current situation changing your expectations/path?
The current situation has forced me to evaluate my future and really think about the next steps. In regards to my work I have definitely been able to take a step back and do the work I enjoy most without really worrying too much about a grade or outcome. I am doing the work for myself and doing what makes me happy.
My path has changed now that final collections have been cancelled. I am focusing more on digital design as opposed to physical garment construction. I have been developing my skills in digital illustration, moving image and web design to ensure my work can be presented in digital platforms which are all skills I had previously overlooked but that will be increasingly necessary as the fashion industry will inevitably move towards a digital future.

Where do you hope to be in 3 years?
I would love to be designing for a brand which shares the same ethical and sustainable values as me. If I am able to share my love for the environment and sustainable fashion with the world, it would be a dream come true. I know it’s hard, especially now with the current situation, but I would also love to have started the development of my own brand so I can truly share my vision with the world without compromise. That would be ideal!

Three things keeping you sane right now
• My balcony and being able to get some fresh air and sunlight
• Zoom so I can stay in touch with my family, friends and the outside world
• Baking and trying not to poison my flatmate in the process

If you could dress anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Dr. Jane Goodall. She is such a strong and devoted woman who has been a powerful voice in the environmental movement. So having her wear something I created would be an honor.

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