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READ: Sober 21

Sober 21, by The Creative Independent and edited by Elia Einhorn, is a zine that brings together different musicians that vary in age, gender, race, sexual orientation, musical styles, amount of time sober, and years in the music industry. Each individual included has faced addiction and has become free from that addiction and now actively participates in the music scene while sober.

The collection of essays by and interviews with sober musicians who include:

Annie Truscott of Chastity Belt, Routine
Brad Truax of Interpol, Soldiers of Fortune
Cait O’Riordan of The Pogues
Darryl “D.M.C” McDaniels of Run-DMC
Elia Einhorn of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Fashion Brigade
Emily Kempf of Dehd
Jay Dee Daugherty of Patti Smith Group
Jenn Champion of S, Carissa’s Weird
Jennifer Cardini
John Grant
Katie Lau of Painted Zeros
Lindsay Sanwald of Idgy Dean
Mix Master Mike of Beastie Boys
Natalie Ann Yepez aka Maluca
Nile Rodgers of Chic
Nimai Larson of Prince Rama
Patty Schemel of Hole
Peter Hook of Joy Division / New Order / Peter Hook and the Light
Richard Hall aka Moby
Richard Lloyd of Television
Tyler Pope of LCD Soundsystem

Sober 21 is not a guide on how to achieve sobriety, but a resource for connection and wisdom to ease the process of getting clean, especially in an industry that so often glorifies drugs and alcohol. While it is a resource by and for musicians, it is also an inspirational read for any individual looking to make changes, as alcohol has become a celebrated norm in many lifestyles today. This project creates a space for sober musicians or anyone to not feel so alone when first getting clean.

Sober 21 is available as a free PDF download in The Creative Independent’s library. Find the PDF Here


WATCH: Hysterical


This documentary comprises fourteen women comedians’ experiences on and off stage. Comedians including, but not limited to, Iliza Shlesinger, Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, and Marina Franklin show off their solid voices and brilliant writing. Since stand-up has always been a male dominated field, there are not a lot of well known women in the industry and that is exactly what this film discusses. In a world that tends to create competition for women, the group has learned to boost each other and become a circle for connections rather than rivalry. Directed and produced by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins, ‘Hysterical’ is a look into the lives of experienced, on-the-come-up stars, and rookies, exploring how female comedians have begun breaking boundaries, especially in a time of major movements like #MeToo.

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Every Friday, DJ/ Producer/Lesbian/Intersectional Feminist advocate Lauren Abedini (aka KITTENS) is in conversation with unique individuals who have left behind identity expectations, to tell their stories and experiences dealing with authenticity, gender, sexuality, creativity and figuring out life outside binaries.

So far, released episodes feature well known pop stars like Hayley Kiyoko and Demi Lovato and much more is on the way with various LGBTQ+ icons and allies, trailblazing artists and entrepreneurs from the most resilient communities.

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–Leah Flannery