Studio ALCH A/W 20 shows a future of sustainable streetwear


Studio ALCH

shows a future of sustainable streetwear

Studio ALCH is the label of Alexandra Hackett who originally blew up social media with her reconstructed Nike garments under the name @miniswoosh . While recycling the cast offs of such a known brand was a smart move it was not just a gimmick. Her commitment to circularity is real and is part of everything she makes. She strives to be zero waste in her designs and when not using secondhand materials works with things such as Tencel which will biodegrade over time without poisoning the earth..

The clothes themselves are bright and bold with details like grommets and large chest pockets adding visual interest. Although part of “mens” fashion week the collection is created for any body. Hacket says she visualizes the body as a product and clothing as a form of product packaging. It’s an interesting and unique take on fashion and it results in work that is as well.