Sustainable Inclusive #StyleInspo on Tik-tok

For years on end sustainable and fashionable plus sized fashion seemed like a concept that would never see the light of day. Designers claimed it cost too much money to make clothing in plus sizes because of the amount of fabric that would need to be used. Placing blame on people for needing bigger sizes instead of empowering them to feel comfortable in their skin gave brands an easy out. The plus size clothing that was available consisted of styles that were outdated appealing to few and far between. And, salt in the wound, it was more expensive! Let’s discuss the “fat tax.”

Business Insider wrote, the “fat tax” is “the differences in cost just for the plus-sized consumer” meaning the same shirt in a standard size costs less than in a plus-size. This implies that brands that charge more for plus-size are not being “inclusive” but shunning away plus-size customers through pricing. Although brands are “trying” to expand their markets by including plus-sizes, their pricing is so not inclusive.

The body empowerment movement continues to grow and Tik-Tok allows easier access for women of all shapes and sizes to show off their cute outfits. For the plus-size community this means being able to see confident beautiful women show you how they style their clothes. #STYLEINSPO!!  Here are a few tik-tokers rocking their sustainable plus size fashion looks (and lewks!).

Freya Dudding

Freya Dudding centers her tik-tok around size 14/16/18 fashion. All of her tik-toks consists of ootd’s, outfit inspo, and outfits she styles based off popular shows like Sex Ed, Euphoria, and Wes Anderson films. Dudding is committed to showing the plus size community that you have the power to look cute in plus size fashion even though it may seem like you can’t.

Dana Patterson

Dana Patterson focuses her tik-tok on all things beauty! She exemplifies owning your curves and knowing how to accentuate them. In this tik-tok she shows her favorite fall outfit as a size 14 that shops ethically. Her tik-toks are not limited to just clothing but also advice for skincare, haircare, and supporting black-owned beauty.

Monica Murray

Tik-tok is a great source for styling plus size fashion and exposing you to inclusive sustainable brands brands! Monica Murray owns The Fat Kid sustainable plus-size fashion brand. Launched in 2021, Murray uses tik-tok to reach the plus-size community and show that everyone deserves a place in the fashion world! She wants to liberate you from diet culture and prove that you don’t have to change your body to feel confident in what you wear.

Shelbi Storme


What’s your fav place to find sustainable clothing??? 👗❤️ #sustainablefashion #thrifted #slowfashion #ecofashion

♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Shelbi Storme uses tik-tok to make sustainability fun across the internet. Her tik-toks are not limited to fashion but include all things eco-friendly. Storme shows you how to shop sustainably as a plus-size girl from clothing, to zero-waste snacks, refillable body care products and much more. She is Storme-ing social media one ethical tik-tok at a time! (pun intended)

Women that wear plus-sizes should feel empowered in what they wear and should not be limited to boring styles. Rather they should have the same amount of free range to wear whatever style they please just as women that wear standard sizes. Just as Barbie Ferreira’s character “Kat” said in Euphoria, “There’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give AF”

–Nicole El-koussa