How to Show your Gay Pride Sustainably

Show your Pride through products and companies that are truly LGBTQIA+ friendly

Gay Pride Month has begun, and we at No Kill are gearing up to celebrate

For New Yorkers, the Pride parade is scheduled for June 26th. While we know that You’ll do YOU in the most fabulous way possible if it’s not also friendly to people (ethically made) and the planet (sustainable) that fabulosity in our eyes will be a FAIL. But fear not! We have created this list of dos and don’ts to help LGBTQIA+ communities and allies celebrate sustainably.

The DOS of sustainable Gay Pride wear

DO: some research before shopping for Pridewear
This is one of the MOST important ways to practice sustainability and support LGBTQIA+. Not only is it important to make sure your Pridewear is produced sustainably, but it is also important to make sure your money is going to a pro LGBTQIA+ company!

Below are some No Kill Mag Approved options

Flavnt Streetwear

Flavnt is a Texas-based independent clothing brand with strong ties to the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a brand by queer people for queer people, promoting self-confidence, Pride and love. Flavnt clothing is handmade locally in Texas. Flavnt Streetwear is unique because of its fundraising partnerships with individuals from their community: they have helped more than 10 individuals pay for reassignment surgeries and donated money to BLM last Pride month!

A favorite from Flavnt is their Limited Edition Pride Tie Dye Tee! Every shirt is hand done, and they are all unique with 7 different design choices.


Gay Pride Rainbow fist

Otherwild is a store, design studio, and event space located in Los Angeles, founded by queer-identified women. They produce clothing and home goods individually as well as collectively with community artists and designers. Otherwild is committed to creating products with care, concern, and awareness of their impact, using an ethically sourced supply chain. Otherwild has created Anotherwild Fund, which provides grants to BIPOC LGBTQIA+ independent makers. They also use their profits to donate to grassroot activist and social justice organizations.

Show your Pride with Otherwild’s Rainbow Fist Patch and Radical Lovers Forever Champion Sweatshirt

Gay Pride Flag SD on Etsy

Pride Flag SD uses American sourced material and sustainable packaging to provide you with a unique Pride flag! Just as Gilbert Baker, the designer of the first Pride flag, sewed the stripes of his first flag, Pride Flag SD creates their flags with sewn stripes, a canvas header, and brass grommets. But if you prefer a different version of the flag with over 40 different options, Pride Flag SD has the flag for you and your friends.

Definitely take a look at their Hand Sewn Rainbow Pride Flag to spice up your Pride parade outfit and accessories!

DO: try to reuse what you own and be creative with any other clothing items. 

Although some may use Pride month as an excuse for a shopping spree, it is really important to take inventory of your closet beforehand. If you are an avid Gay Pride supporter, you may already have Pridewear that you can most certainly reuse this June. Also, handmaking Pridewear can be a creative and fun activity. You can try tie-dying, coloring or even sewing older articles of clothing to make new Pride-full ones!

DO: check out and even volunteer at the
OUT4S organization website (the S stands for sustainability).

The organization focuses on identity, society and the environment; reimagining the environment as they mobilize the LGBTQIA+ community to pursue a fabulous planet.

The OUT4S Plastic Free Pride Campaign has a list of tips and tricks for the attendees, participants, and organizers of Pride parades and other activities. Their hashtags #GreenerPride and #PlasticFreePride aim to bring attention to the amount of waste derived from Pridewear, like plastic beads and glitter, and Pride parades, like handouts and plastic water bottles.

So, check out OUT4S as you prepare to show your (eco-friendly) colors and support!

And now for the big DON’TS of Pridewear and Gay Pride more generally:

DON’T: shop for Pridewear from fast fashion companies that produce clothing unsustainably and may not even support LGBTQIA+ rights!

The Quirky Environmentalist’s Who Made My Pride Merch campaign highlights the unethical production of Pridewear by fast fashion companies. The campaign demands brands to do better for their garment workers, emphasizing that many companies produce their Pridewear in countries where LGBTQ+ people have little to no rights.

DON’T: include traditional glitter, balloons, and plastic beads within your Pride outfits 

Glitter, balloons, and plastic beads are all extremely toxic to the environment. The single-use plastic ends up in landfills or in our oceans, where it can be harmful to wildlife.

As an alternative, consider using natural body paint, biodegradable glitter and other recycled materials.

Natural Earth Paint produces clay and mineral-based face/body paint that are handcrafted in the United States. With a variety of great colors, the paint is sure to add extra excitement to any Pridewear outfit!


EcoGlitterFun offers an alternative to harmful glitter; their ecoglitter has the highest level of independent certification for freshwater biodegradability in the world and is super fun and festive. The ecoglitter offers a more sustainable way to make your Pridewear sparkle. They even have a special glitter kit devoted to Pride, with proceeds going to the Albert Kennedy Trust LGBTQIA+ charity.

DON’T: forget the origins of Pride month!

Pride month is a fun and exciting celebration to bolster LGBTQIA+ rights movements. It is a tribute to those brave individuals that were involved in the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots marked the new era of resistance and revolution and served as a catalyst for the Pride parades and festivities today!

As you celebrate in the fun activities and events of Gay Pride, remember to recognize, honor and commemorate those in the Stonewall Riot and their fight for LGBTQIA+ rights!

The recognition and celebration of Gay Pride month allows for self-expression and self-love! Within these efforts, it is important to incorporate sustainability as a way to show up for our planet as much as we show up for each other.

–Carolina McCormick

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