When I told a friend -an acquaintance that I was starting a new site he immediately started listing designers

that he could help us pull from for shoots. He paused and looked at me for a reaction.

"That's great, but they need to be sustainable." I replied. He paused again and his mouth twitched before he said

"Oh…are you doing that sustainability thing?" with just the slightest bit quite a bit of condescension.

 Sustainability isn't "a thing" any more than clean air is "a thing". Meaning to me, and to those who are contributing to No Kill Magazine, sustainability isn't just a trend or one of many options: it's our only option.

 We've fucked up the planet with our single use plastic, our desire to make trends affordable regardless of the cost and our expectation of convenience and ease.  (and because you probably are aware of this and because I don't want this to be all doom & gloom I won't go into more details here but will put links at the bottom where you can read more.)

 So where do we go from here? That's what we're interested in. So we'll be sharing with you amazing sustainable designers you'll want to know about, how to re-think what you already own, and interviews with young activists and cultural producers who are not simply giving up and giving in but -forgive the cliché- being the change they want to see.

 And we will do this imperfectly. We're not holier than thou or casting judgements on others. We think there's a lot out there that is still beautiful, outrageous, joyful, innovative, exciting AND good for the planet. And that's what you'll find in here.