10 Cool Indie LA Brands We Adore

We might be based in Brooklyn, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a little LA in our lives. Especially in the middle of winter! Whether you’re visiting LA or are lucky enough to live there, here are our favorite indie brands. These all embody ethical and sustainable practices, and of course pass the No Kill Mag vibe check. These companies are full of unique clothing that makes you feel empowered and beautiful, without compromising the livelihood of workers or the size of your carbon footprint.

Big Bud Press

This fast-growing brand produces all kinds of gender neutral and everyday goods. They know how to keep it local, using 98% of fabric grown and made domestically. The majority of products are cotton, and all fabric is woven or knit in the LA area. What’s more, they are sweatshop free to ensure your products aren’t at the expense of worker’s livelihoods. A win-win-win brand!

Size range: 3xs-7xl

Product assortment: clothes, underwear, bags and accessories

Fashion Brand Company

 “Fashion Brand Company. We only make clothes for lizards” reads their slogan. Well paint me green and call me a lizard then, because their products and practices are worth it. FBC makes clothes that will last for all sizes and fits. Another girl boss company comprised of 100% women, this ethical brand denounces all practices unethical or unsustainable.

Size range: xs-5xl

Product assortment: apparel for men/women/baby/lizards, accessories and bags, home goods


Indie LA brand Threads 4 Thought understood the assignment: responsible packaging, recycled and organic fabrics, and ethical manufacturing. This brand blends the past and the present, resulting in effortlessly chic fashion. They also provide a resale platform where shoppers can sell or buy pre-loved Threads 4 Thought that rewards your circularity with shopping credits for your next purchase.

Size range: xs-xl

Product assortment: unisex/women’s apparel, activewear, unitards


Founded by Lisa Nicole Harbottle, Revelle isn’t about just putting pretty clothes on pretty models. Rather, the brand promotes the vital relationship between creating beautiful clothes and the responsibility of fashion brands in using sustainable materials. Following a made-to-order process, Revelle has a product cost analysis so you can see exactly why you’re paying what you do. This company creates timeless pieces that can be dressed up, down, and worn over and over again without ever losing their appeal.

Size range: xs-4x

Product assortment: apparel, loungewear, outerwear, lingerie, scarves

St. Roche

For my readers that are into the feminine side of fashion, this one is for you. St. Roche creates practical yet dainty pieces that have one-of-a-kind embroidery, for a collection of traditional broderie that stems from Sue Stemp’s English heritage. St. Roche uses a holistic approach for their design and manufacturing, using materials such as organic cotton, silk, and linen.

Size range: xs-xl
Product assortment: apparel, knitwear, dresses

Selva \ Negra

Whether you’re looking for work attire, loungewear, a date night outfit, or coasters, this indie LA brand will have it. Though they are only a team of 5, Selva \ Negra serves up a wide variety of garments that are chic, comfortable, and conscientious. Selva \ Negra is committed to implementing sustainable materials and low waste solutions. Their zero waste efforts include an upcycled collection, compostable packaging, and fabric recycling.

Size range: xs-4xl

Product assortment: men’s/women’s apparel, loungewear, jackets, home goods, accessories  


Your clothing should make feel you good, and Sotela is all about celebrating the human body with inclusive and body-positive clothing. They strive to remedy the relationship we have with our clothes, focusing on a fit that celebrates your strength and resilience. Sotela believes ethical practices are a lifestyle decision, and they practice what they preach by using eco-friendly fabrics and hand-making every piece right in California.

Size range: 0-10, petite/tall/regular

Product assortment: apparel, jumpsuits, outerwear, accessories

Tiny Closet Shop

The Tiny Closet shop follows three rules to ensure being a shop owner and dedicated minimalist aren’t contradicting each other: made-to-order products only, only use deadstock fabrics, and give a use to everything. This brand creates simple but statement clothing that simplifies your closet and empowers you as the wearer.

Size range: xs-xl

Product assortment: apparel, jumpsuits, dresses, outerwear

–Julia Hardie

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