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10 Best Ethically made gourmet chocolates

The act of giving chocolate is a universal love language across the world. With Holiday Season coming up, this act is even more prevalent at the moment. Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of un-ethical or un-sustainable brands out there –Hersheys, Nestle and Mars all broke their promise not to use child labor.

We took inspiration from a recent Washington Post article on better boxes of chocolate to find the best that’s out there. Send any one of these boxes of chocolates to a significant other, family member, friend, or co-worker and they will be sure to love it. They will love you even more by knowing that your purchase is doing right by the planet and workers who sourced the ingredients for that chocolate!

Stick with Me


Based in NYC, Stick with Me Sweets makes the most beautiful (and delicious) bonbons. I mean – look at those colors! Their bonbons come in book boxes that are crafted to tell a (sweet sweet) story.

They source as many of the ingredients as they can locally, and if not available locally, then they source ethically around the globe. For a 6 pc Bonbon box, you can gift a loved one a box for $25.


Bon Bon Bon

bonbonbon.jpgBon Bon Bon is known in Detroit for creating some out of the box, and sometimes, skeptical flavors that work. However, with no fancy gimmicks, just good, ethical chocolate.At around $3.50 a piece, you can build your own creative box to send to that special someone in your life from the one and only, Motor City.


Midunu Chocolates


To get an authentic taste of African flavors, try out Midunu Chocolates. All their chocolates are made with Ghanaian cocoa and other fruits, spices, coffee, teas, and tisanes from the thriving continent. Another unique trait to this brand? They have named their truffles after different African women who have inspired the chocolates. How awesome and fun is that!

For a box of 6 unique chocolates, you can support a great company for $24.


Chocolate Secrets


Each of Chocolate Secrets’ chocolates are crafted with organic, natural and premium ingredients — INDIVIDUALLY, we might add.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area you can indulge in a gourmet chocolate and fine wine experience in person this Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to taste one of their unique bonbons, ranging in flavors from peanut butter and jelly to ancho chili, they are available online starting at $26 for a box of 9 bonbons. 


Lagusta’s Luscious


Lagusta’s Luscious love and kindness run deep in their company values (ironic for Valentine’s Day). Their chocolate is 100% ethical and their packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and packing materials. They are a completely vegan, woman-owned and operated business committed to sustainability without sacrifice.

They are paving the way for current and future business owners with their practices. How could you not want to support them? Their Pauline Benjamin’s Peanut Butter Cups for $25 will be sure to please that special someone in your life.


Kee’s Chocolates


For those located in NYC, you will be lucky enough to visit this location in person to purchase cookies, macarons, bonbons, and truffles. For those not in NYC, you can purchase an Omakase Box or any of the other chocolates from Kee’s Chocolates online this Valentine’s Day.

The flavors regularly change with the seasons, so be sure to try them out not only, this holiday but, as frequently as you can! You can purchase the Omakase Box of 16 for $46.50 or the Omakase Box of 24 for $68.40.


Phillip Ashley Chocolates


Chef Phillip Ashley is the real-life Willy Wonka of chocolate. He founded Phillip Ashley Chocolates in 2012 on the basis of developing the finest, most unique chocolate experience.

Made with the finest fair trade chocolate, you can get a signature 6 piece box for $35.


Bliss Chocolatier 


At Bliss, they believe that every bite counts. They never stop improving or changing their recipes because they believe that something can always be better, and they want to deliver the most delicious, flavorful, and ethical chocolate to their customers.

Their adorable Love Bug Collection to preorder for $12 is sure to put a smile and deliver pure bliss to that special someone.




Actual award winning, hand crafted chocolate headquartered in Washington DC but born in Guatemala (“The Place of Chocolate”) takes creativity, passion, and real, authentic ingredients to make internationally recognized bean to bar chocolate. Just look at those fun colors! They’re almost too pretty to eat.

Their 12 piece assorted box for $27.50 is sure to melt in your mouth.


Melissa Coppel


Recognized by the New York Times as “chocolates made to be admired and eaten – fast,” how could you deny buying any of Melissa Coppel’s chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

Inspired by the galaxy and incorporating flavors from all across the world, a 12 piece assortment of bonbons can be purchased for $40.


-Tayler May

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