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10 Small Knitwear Designers With Sex Appeal

Knits are being re-imagined to express themes of sexuality and provocation, celebrating both the wearer and the art of knitting itself.

Summer and…sweaters? Knitwear is not what we think about when the weather gets warmer. But knitwear has been transformed and is no longer solely defined by the chunky wool sweaters and heavy scarves. And it’s ultra-popular right now. This is not news to anyone. We have seen the explosion of a multitude of small knitwear designers emerging as the COVID-induced crafting continues into 2022 with increased momentum. 

This genre of design is extremely time-consuming and is typically done by an individual. This adds a sense of value and specialness to the piece. As an added bonus, the majority of our featured knitwear designers use solely vintage or second hand sourced yarn. This means many pieces are one of a kind and naturally zero-waste.

With fast fashion still more popular than ever, the emerging popularity of knitwear is changing the way people value their clothing. Rooted in sustainability and slow-fashion, knits are a certified NKM must this summer.

These fuzzy treasures will leave you feeling both “hot” and unique in the warm months to come. Shop the small designers below to celebrate yourself and the beauty of handmade craft and wearable art. 

All products featured on No Kill Mag are independently selected by our writers or editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


Veroniik knitwear

Verconiik is a small label rooted in knitwear and based out of Brooklyn, New York. By recent Parsons graduate Lindsay Vrckovnik. The colorful pieces aim to bridge the gap between playfulness and high fashion. It encourages the wearer to embrace their inner child. Verconiik values the ‘slow fashion’ cycle; not adhering to the typical seasons of fashion, and honoring the idea that clothes should be special and made to last. Her work features a variety of one of a kind mohair tops and skirts. All in a range of sweet summery colors. 

Find Verconiik pieces on her website, where she does monthly drops.

Instagram: @verconiik

Freya McKee

Freya Mckee knitwear

Freya McKee is a small sustainable London based designer who works with a small team to create ethical slow fashion pieces. Specializing in knitwear on a made to order basis, her process is fully fashioned to eliminate any waste yarns and products. Freya also creates a line of one of one pieces made from fully second hand sourced yarns to craft one off creations for folks who value special and personalized pieces. 

Freya’s pieces are on her website, as well as select pieces at the Heaven Marc Jacobs store in Los Angeles. 

Instagram: @freyamckee


knot nice knitwear

Another UK-based knitwear collection, Knot Nice was launched by Megan March and is available solely on Instagram. Using vintage mohair and recycled yarns, Knot Nice makes knit bags, sleeves, skirts, leg warmers, tanks, hats, and more. 

Her pieces will be listed through the new environmentalism-based reselling app, Esooko. Custom pieces may also be ordered through her Instagram DM’s.

Instagram: @_knot_nice


Lily Yeung

Based in Southern California, Lily first started using crochet as a medium for creating sculptures. When the pandemic hit, she transitioned into making clothing. Pulling inspiration from the forms and colors of the nature surrounding her, Lily’s knits show appreciation for the natural landscape by using natural fibers and hand-dying much of the materials she uses. 

Her pieces can be found on APOC store.

Instagram: @lily.yeung


Deparel sexy knitwear

Deparel was created by the team of designers Max Mulder (who also designs under his namesake label) and recent graduate of RISD, James Langley. 

In his bio on SSENSE, Dutch-Indonesian designer Max Mulder presents a bold study of knits with his collection of uniquely crafted womenswear. The eponymous New York–based label’s signature deconstructed style is born of an intuitive approach to knitting, resulting in a youthful, lively take on common garments. Ultra-detailed bespoke dresses, tops, skirts, bags, and bikinis are produced mostly by hand, using chunky mixtures of angora, mohair, traditional wool, and synthetic yarns. By playing with textures, cutouts, seams, and composition, Max Mulder brings an uncommon edginess to soft knitwear.

Shop Deparel on their website.

Instagram: @_deparel


This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Aisling Camps –and it probably won’t be the last. This Brooklyn based designer has collaborated with the likes of Pyer Moss but it’s her own handcrafted collection we love. With yarn sourced from Italy, Aisling’s barely there knits and sexy crop tops are made for summer. Maybe it’s her roots in Trinidad that inspire her aesthetic, but whatever it is we are so here for it.

Shop Aisling Camps on her website.

Instagram: @aislingcamps

Work from beach be like

Work From Beach Be Like is a small knitwear brand based in Bangkok, Thailand that sells knit tops and skirts straight off their Instagram page. Using vintage mohair yarn, these one-of-a-kind pieces are both delicate and handmade. 

Custom orders will be available in August and pieces will continuously be posted and sold through DM’s on their Instagram account.

Instagram: @workfrombeachbelike


Rentre desires to bridge the dividing gap between ecological recovery and personal expression. Items produced by Rentre are from 80% – 100% entirely recycled materials. Their knitters are from independent teams who are paid fair and substantial wages, and they do not design based on micro-trends. Rentre believes in working beyond momentary enjoyment and create quality investments made from the waste of other textile production. The company offers a collection of curated vintage pieces in addition to their stunning body-hugging knit dresses.

Shop on their website


nonG RAK

Nong Rak is a textile-centric, sensory-focused knitwear, photography and creative studio anchored in material, color, and tactile experience.

Each piece is handcrafted by their small team using carefully sourced deadstock vintage, cruelty-free, and artisan hand-spun / dyed yarns of the most singular and luxurious variety. The goal is to create sentimental, heirloom quality pieces worth loving and sharing for years to come. Nong Rak makes knit dresses, hats, tops, and more, PLUS the curated vintage pieces you can find on their website. 

Shop Nong Rak on their website

Instagram: @thenongrak


Rather than hiding the body with a thick woolen layer, Khanh’s knitwear designs embrace the shape of it. and More like a second skin once put on, Khan makes knit tops, tanks, pants, and skirts.  The clothes celebrate the traits that make each individual unique and strive to embrace both the beauty and the imperfections of one’s body – which of course are one and the same.

Find his pieces on the APOC store.

Instagram: @khahnbricenyugen

–Caroline Jenkins

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