15 of No Kill’s Favorite Sustainable Sweaters to Rock this Fall


O.K. summer was fun (sort of, if you can forget the wildfires, heat waves, tropical storms, …) so the thought of autumn with crisper weather, colorful fall foliage and, sustainable sweaters is upon us. The time has come to start shopping for the perfect fall staple.

From cozy to stylish, sweaters are a necessity for the autumn and winter months.

When shopping for sweaters, it is important to look for eco-friendly and ethically made options.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind no matter what garment you are shopping for: look for natural fabrics, environmentally conscious manufacturing, fair labor and brand transparency!

It is extremely hard to find a zero-waste sweater because of the knitting process but sweaters made from natural or recycled materials fit the bill. Even cashmere, wool and alpaca can be sustainable materials if they are sourced and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way.

No Kill encourages our readers to keep these pointers in mind ALWAYS, but here we have created a cheat-sheet for sweater shopping.

The following list of our favorite 15 sweaters is organized from least to most expensive, and every sweater on the list is sourced from sustainable materials by brands using ethical practices; check them out and get shopping!



Frankie Collective’s Vintage Polo Sweater Vest

Frankie Collective is a great site to surf sweaters! The brand takes inspiration from 90’s styles and reworks vintage garments to push the boundaries of contemporary style at an affordable price. Similar to a vintage of thrift store, Frankie Collective sells second-hand garments as is or reworked, which eliminates textile waste and emissions from production!

This vintage polo sweater vest is a great find at $40.00 and would make an on trend  addition to anyone’s closet! It was sourced in Canada and is in good vintage condition.

Check out this and more on the Frankie website!


tentree’s Highline Grayson Cardigan

tentree makes ‘Earth-First’ essentials using the most sustainable materials possible. Earth-First is the brand’s commitment to making choices in a world where the planet and its people always come first. For every item purchased from tentree, the brand plants ten trees; they have planted over 60 million trees since its start!

The Highline Grayson Cardigan comes in 2 great fall colors for $78.00 and it is made from 100% organic cotton! The organic cotton is made sustainably and responsibly so the planet feels just as good as shoppers do when wearing it. Shop now and get ten trees planted with your purchase!


Japaandi Soft Hills’ Sweater made of TENCEL™ Lyocell Mix Sold by ArmedAngels

ArmedAngels is an amazing apparel company offering beautiful, eco-friendly and ethical garments to men and women. The company uses only sustainable and/or regenerative materials and promotes fair working conditions for all. It has established partnerships with organizations like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fair Wear Foundation, Fairtrade and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)!

The Japaandi Soft Hills’ Sweater is created using a mix of TENCEL™ and Lyocell materials. The material is a natural and sustainable cellulose fiber made from wood and the solvents are re-used during production. The sweater has a great print with colors that work with any occasion! It is PETA Vegan certified and produced in Istanbul and sold for $89.05 (€75.55)!

Patagonia Women’s Fog Cutter Sweater


Patagonia is one of our favorite outdoor brands that has made great strides towards sustainability! Between their self-imposed Earth tax that provides support to environmental nonprofits and their Patagonia Action Works activism campaign, the company is working hard to protect on Planet and all of its inhabitants!

The Women’s Fog Cutter Sweater ($99) comes in two colors: Alder Green and Ink Black. It’s made from 40% recycled cotton, 30% organic cotton, 30% recycled hemp blend and has moisture-shedding shoulder patches with a durable water repellent finish, making it super comfortable and dependable! The sweater is produced at a factory in Vietnam – vetted by Patagonia – that promotes fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility. The Women’s Fog Cutter Sweater is the perfect sustainable and ethical option for any fall adventure, so check it out!


Amour Vert’s Sena Wool Sweater

Amour Vert is another great sustainable fashion brand. All their garments are designed, produced and sold in America to guarantee the products’ sustainability and the ethical working conditions throughout the process. Because about 60% of a garment’s environmental impact occurs during fabric manufacturing, Amour Vert partners directly with fabric mills to develop their own sustainable fabrics. They even have sustainable packaging used when shipping their products directly to you!

The Sena Wool Sweater is made from Merino Wool, that has been sourced responsibly in a harm-free, non-mulesed process which seriously reduces any possible environmental impact! It is a great mock neck sweater with cable knit stitching and side slits with ivory and navy stripes. The Sena Wool Sweater is ON SALE now for $109 (all sizes currently available) but definitely take a look before it’s too late!

Seasalt Cornwall’s Crisp Dawn Jumper


Seasalt Cornwall is a women’s apparel, footwear and accessories brand inspired by the creative heritage of Cornwall, England. The brand works to promote sustainability through their four pillars: product, environment, innovation and community.

The Crisp Dawn Jumper is created using 100% organic cotton and manufactured in line with Seasalt Cornwall’s Ethical Trading Policy. Designed with the Cornwall’s marine history in mind, the eye-catching pattern, ‘Lit Sky Dark Eden’, is reminiscent of a waving light in water or the curving lines of pebbles. The sweater is available in a range of UK sizes from 8 to 28 and listed for $115 on the Seasalt Cornwall website (which ships worldwide), so anyone can easily slip into a bit of the English coast.


Everybody & Everyone’s Dream V Sweater

Everybody & Everyone is a woman-owned clothing essentials brand promoting sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. The brand does this by using recycled and eco-innovative materials and a conscious supply chain; they even have a Carbon Neutral Promise in place!

The Dream V Sweater is an essential item in everybody and everyone’s fall wardrobe! The sweater, sold for $118, comes in four great neutral colors: Dusty Lavender, Heather Grey, Sweet Corn and Black Onyx. It is made from 70% Wool, 30% Cashmere eco-responsibly made by Naadam, a sustainable Mongolian knitwear company. The Dream V Sweater is the perfect deep V-neck, relaxed fit sweater for fall – all of us at No Kill are totally loving it!


Back Beat Co.’s Organic Cotton Ellis Sweater

Back Beat Co. is a California born and bred lifestyle brand combining modern California basics with old school surf and skate culture. The brand prioritizes the ethical and social responsibility of every aspect of the production and consumer process. They use ‘Low Impact’ fabrics that are either recycled or sustainably farmed making the creation and production of their garments much less polluting!

The Ellis Sweater ($150) is part of Back Beat Co.’s Après Surf collection. It is the perfect relaxed-but-cute sweater, fit with a statement collar and cuffed sleeves. As the name suggests, the Ellis Sweater is made from low impact organic cotton and produced at an ethical factory in Suzhou, China. Coming in two colors: Foam Knit and Chartreuse, the Organic Cotton Ellis Sweater is a must have for fall!

Arielle’s Mercury Recycled Wool Sweater Sold by Made Trade


Made Trade is an online-only retailer offering the most environmentally friendly and ethical options for women’s fashion. It is family-run, women-owned company with a strong commitment to climate neutrality! In fact, 1% of every purchase of items sold on Made Trade is donated to an environmental non-profit!

Arielle is a sustainable, fair trade, women owned clothing brand hand-selected by the Made Trade site.

The Mercury Recycled Wool Sweater is made right in New York City! The sweater’s fabric is created using 100% recycled fibers from unwanted sweaters, blankets and fabric scraps in Prato, Italy. With no additional dyes, water or chemicals the Mercury Recycled Wool Sweater is the perfect cozy option for autumn!


Mara Hoffman’s Veronica Sweater

Since 2015, Mara Hoffman has become one of the most recognized sustainable fashion brands! The brand encourages transparency in every aspect from design and production to retail. It focuses on sustainable materials, processes and production to improve and extend every garment’s life. In fact, Mara Hoffman’s Full Circle Marketplace is a great place for re-selling or purchasing old pieces, keeping them in circulation and out of landfills!

The Veronica Sweater ($225) is a knit polo button-up with mid-length sleeves and a stylish cropped body. The sweater is crafted using 68% TENCEL modal which is reinforced 32% organic cotton making it sustainable and comfortable! TENCEL Modal is an extremely eco-friendly material; it is made from Beechwood trees and its production process recycles 95% of the materials back into its manufacturing system! The buttons on the Veronica Sweater may look tortoiseshell but, they are actually made from recycled paper. All-in-all it is a fabulous sweater that can be easily dressed up or down and perfect for the autumn months!

Outerknown’s Cabin Cardigan


Outerknown creates clothing with a radical commitment to sustainability. The brand is proof that you do not need to sacrifice style for sustainability or vice-versa! 90% of the fibers used by Outerknown are organic, recycled or regenerated. The brand also partnered with FairTrade USA, to invest in the livelihoods of over 5,000 of the workers who bring the vision of Outerknown to life. One of our favorite aspects of Outerknown is its lifelong guarantee for all S.E.A. JEANS: to keep the jeans out of landfills they will repair, replace of recycle them if there is any damage!

The Cabin Cardigan is made from 85% organic cotton and 15% alpaca. Outerknown uses organic cotton that eliminates all the harmful synthetic chemicals used in conventional cotton, which allows for safer working conditions for farmers and a healthier planet. Alpaca is a fine fiber that is stronger than cashmere and warmer than wool. The cardigan is a great everyday sweater that can be added to any outfit!

Story MFG’s Mish-Mish Keeping Jumper


Story MFG is an eco-friendly clothing brand with a desire to make fashion more authentic, fulfilling and kind. The brand is run by a husband-and-wife team who work with local dyers, weavers, embroiderers and tailors. They use natural, organic and skin kind materials to make their garments. Just like No Kill, Story MFG believes fashion can be used as a form of social activism to bring about a more positive future!

The Mish-Mish Keeping Jumper is hand knit and hand embroidered using organic cotton that was dyed 100% naturally using wood and tree bark. The fun and unique pattern of the jumper makes it a statement sweater that you’re sure to get compliments on!

Mother of Pearl’s Charlotte Cardigan


Mother of Pearl is an amazing, UK based, high-end fashion brand that encourages environmental advocacy, transparency, animal welfare, social responsibility and circularity. Besides Mother of Pearl’s beautiful garments, they also produce great and sustainable homeware. The UK brand has recently joined forces with the rental platform, Onloan, to extend the life cycle of their clothing by renting their garments!

The Charlotte Cardigan ($487) is super elegant and comfortable for the fall and winter months! It comes in three great colors: tan, navy and black, all of which will mix well with any wardrobe. The cardigan is made from organic and natural fibers, specifically organic cotton & non-mulsed wool. It is a part of Mother of Pearl’s No Frills collection that has been created with a completely transparent supply chain, all of the garments are traced from fabric to final.

Aestethic London’s Organic Grace Cardigan


Aestethic London is a unique brand with a purpose: to see the beauty of their clothes extended to the lives of the ones who make them, extended to the environment where they are made from. They aspire to be the agents of change and transform the fashion industry from of its current toxic system of overproduction and consumption into one where sustainability and ethics, our planet and its people are put first!

The Organic Grace Cardigan is intricate and unique; every sweater is made to order and takes over 16 hours to create! It also comes with a stylish detachable collar. The cardigan is created using the finest grade GOTS certified organic, undyed cotton yarn from Portugal. Even the buttons are made from a sustainable and biodegradable material and manufactured in small family-run factories. The Organic Grace Cardigan is the ultimate versatile piece that can be for this fall and falls to come!

Stella McCartney’s Kind Intarsia Sweater

Stella McCartney is often referred to as the queen of sustainable fashion and continues to innovate new ways to transform the fashion industry! Since its launch in 2001, Stella McCartney has been 100% committed to being kinder to Earth, our fellow creatures and one another. The Stella McCartney website even has a great timeline detailing all of the amazing actions the brand has taken to further promote sustainability.


The Kind Intarsia Sweater is a fun, brightly colored and beautifully crafted sweater that is the ultimate statement piece. As McCartney would say, “instantly iconic”! The sweater ($1,295) is crafted from 55% organic wool and 45% organic cotton which makes it super comfortable and warm. The Kind Intarsia Sweater is the perfect garment guaranteed to make everyone smile, so check it out!

Go get sweater shopping! But remember to pay attention to the details, like the materials and production practices used in the creation of any garment. And keep in mind an added bonus – the warmer your clothes the lower the heating (usage +) bills!

–Carolina McCormick