3 Plant-Based Vegan Leather Bags We Love

The awareness has grown tremendously for shopping animal-cruelty free brands. Most of the time this means vegan products made of plastic which although great for animals, still not so great for the environment. Innovations and experimentation with technology has led to the use of vegan leather in handbag brands using no plastic! A solution for animals and the environment.

Here are 3 brands we are loving that incorporate plant-based vegan leather to make their handbags.

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La Flore Paris

La Flore Paris is a Parisian brand that promises to provide you with luxurious sustainable products that help contribute to a greener planet. They strive towards sustainability while keeping high standards of quality. Their handbags are made from ethically-harvested cork, cruelty-free, and packaged in plastic-free and recycled packaging. They are also committed to not using any harmful chemical coatings or dyes on their products. With a zero-waste vision they never produce more products than they need. Any extra parts, from the products they make, are repurposed into new products.

The Bobobark Convertible backpack purse by La Flore Paris
The Bobobark Convertible

The Bobobark convertible backpack purse embodies the chic Parisian heritage and can be easily converted from a purse to a backpack. Its multifunctional style can be worn as a backpack, purse, or briefcase. This bag can fit a laptop and really anything else you need. The bobobark convertible backpack purse comes in three different colors; black, rustic brown, and a beautiful teal. The bag consists of a main compartment, a zipper separating compartment, and a padded compartment to hold your laptop!

Santos by Monica

Santos by Monica was created by Monica Santos Gil, with a desire to create a brand that challenged the traditions of the fashion industry. The vision of the brand is to create sustainable products meaning each piece is handcrafted using innovative natural textiles. They use cactus-based biomaterial that has the feel and look of traditional leather but uses ⅕ of the amount of water needed to produce animal leather. In our interview with Monica she stated that she “began doing research and found Pineapple, Apple and Cactus leather alternatives through Instagram” and found that “Cactus leather seemed the most suitable for handbags.”

The Agave Triangular Tote by Santos by Monica
The Agave Triangular Tote

Offered in marigold yellow, cognac, black, green and black/beige this tote is made of vegan cactus leather and is produced in Mexico. The lining of the tote is made of recycled water bottle organic cotton blend eco twill. This tote is a beautiful statement piece and can be styled many different ways. They offer a few other styles and colors of totes and purses and they are partnered with One Tree Planted meaning a tree will be planted for every handbag sold.

Bond Morgan England

Bond Morgan England is an England based brand that designs for change. Their main focus when creating their products is sustainability and environmental impact. They utilize multi-functional design to create their products. The designer, Bond Morgan, encourages everyone to invest in a few things that will go a long way.

The Mutatio Bag by Bond Morgan England
The Mutatio Bag

The Mutatio bag was created with the purpose of offering multiple style options with a single bag. Each compartment can be unzipped and taken away based on your needs for that day. This bag can be tacked fully to achieve a tote bag effect, able to hold a 15” laptop. Remove one compartment for days you need to carry less things. Remove two compartments on days that you just want to carry around a handbag. This product comes in two different colors, and two different materials all being sustainable.

Seeing the possibilities of having products that are vegan and plastic free is something so inspiring for the industry. Investing in products that are made to last will ultimately save you money and help the planet in the long run. Shop chic and consciously.

–Nicole el-Koussas

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