3 things to buy to begin going Plastic Free

Change is hard. Or can be.
Take Plastic Free July. You’ve decided you’re going to do it. You’re going to go plastic free and help save the little fishes in the sea. Yippee!!! (sorry, we have been spending too much time with our inner child…)
So you might Google alternatives to plastic and quickly sink into OVERWHELM and INDECISIVENESS.
* Which alternative is best?
* Where should you buy it?
* Should you be buying anything at all?

 The answers are: hold, please and we’ll tell you, not on Amazon and yes, in this instance you should buy a permanent plastic alternative. To make your life super easy we’re starting with 3 (+1) items and only ONE version of each. So you won’t have to spend the next 20 minutes comparing the virtues of one brand vs another -unless you choose to look up alternatives to our suggestions. In which case, good luck with that.
Okay, ready!?!