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3 Ways to Style a Polka Dot Dress with Fervently Chic

3 Days, 3 Ways with Shannon aka Fervently Chic

“Finding new ways to adorn the pieces you already have is the ultimate sustainable life hack and…you save money too.”

— Shannon Crawford / FerventlyChic
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Neuro Health and Fitness Therapist
Style secret:
My style secret is to always have fun with your wardrobe. Mix patterns and prints, play with colors and textures therefore you won’t get bored with your clothes.

Audrey Hepburn, Rhianna

Style Icons: I never really thought about a style icon but if I have to categorize my style, I would say classic like Audrey Hepburn yet funky like Rihanna.


The Garment:
The item I chose was a thrifted polka dot maxi dress. When I saw this dress at the Goodwill, I knew I had to have it because

  1. Polka Dots are amazing

  2. I knew this would be a piece that could bring about versatility within my closet.


Look One: The Classic Dress


A Polka Dot Maxi is such a classy and classic look. It can be sustained and worn through any season and will never go out of style.


Look Two: Scarf


One of my favorite style hacks is to mix and match patterns. In the second look, I turned that long polka dot maxi dress into a cute scarf for Fall paired with a black and white striped bodycon dress. If you didn’t think you could do so, know that you can turn anything into a scarf for added outfit pizzazz.


Look Three:


Can you believe that long maxi dress fit into some cute denim overalls?! For the third look I wanted a cute but patterned top to wear under my overalls and polka dots were a great fit. I feel that the pattern added extra flair to a simple everyday look.

You can find me on Instagram at FerventlyChic or on my website at

You asked, and we listened! You said you wanted more style inspo of real people showing how they wear a garment in multiple ways. We’ll be doing this for you at least twice a month –if not more– and if you’re interested in being featured you can DM us on Instagram or reach out to


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