A few tips to make non-toxic spring cleaning as easy as 1-2-3!

our favorite chic hippie Niko Liakaris shares his best tips!
Niko and I met when we were both nightlife queens in downtown Manhattan. (a funny story but we will save it for later.) While keeping the spirit of the Lower East Side alive, our hippie in residence now spends equal time navigating trails as he does the runway – and has been an amazing role model/inspiration for moving towards zero waste for me and his instagram followers.-Katya Moorman, Editor

The stores are filled with plastic containers selling toxic solutions to make cleaning easier for us. But how much of it is poisoning us as well? If not immediately then when we rinse it off our sponges or pour it down the drain where it can get into our water source. The fact of the matter is that the government has destroyed the Environmental Protection Agency and the companies making the products don’t care about our health. We need to step away from easy and convenient for our health and the health of the planet!

Fortunately while it might not be quite as easy it’s not so hard either!

A few tips to Make Spring Cleaning as Easy as 1-2-3!




Instead of purchasing poisonous chemicals at a huge mark up, make this simple 3 ingredient recipe yourself:
1 part distilled white vinegar
1 part water
15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil mixed in a glass spray bottle.

It can be used anywhere! It’s SOOO simple!
To answer your question: It does NOT smell like vinegar AT ALL when you’re finished! If you are diligent and clean as often as you should (yah heathens) you’ll realize those chemical are so unnecessary! You will save BIG BUCKS on cleaning supplies, while reducing your single use plastic consumption, and reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals!

I haven’t bought paper towels in I don’t know how long. Instead, I use simple white rags I bought in bulk a while ago, and wash them in their own cycle (so they don’t spoil the brightness of my sheets, etc. More on that in another post:) They usually come in 50-100 count bundles, so I always have plenty on hand. You can also use old T-shirt’s if they are 100% cotton. I find any Ts with synthetics aren’t good for wiping up spills, but they ARE great for dusting so hold onto those too!




I recently picked up a new WOODEN toilet brush, because my old one broke before I moved (read: don’t throw away something you already own!)
I purchased mine from @woodstockbringyourown, and repurposed an old glass vase as a holder. (Who doesn’t have one of these laying around collecting dust?!)

While I was there I was so excited to see that they also take old plastic toothbrushes and paste containers for recycling in cooperation with @terracycle!




Thank you for doing your part for the revolution!
(And yes, I did ask the store employee to take my picture whilst I cradled a toilet brush:)

Niko Liakaris