4 Benefits of Using A Menstrual Cup

Dreading that time of the month? You know the time where you have to stock up on tampons/pads, cramp relievers, and warm up your heating pad. The time when every minor complication can send you into a whirlwind of emotions. When chocolate is the only thing that sounds edible and pairs well with a romantic comedy film. Yes! We’re talking about THAT time of the month.

Ever wonder how much money you are putting towards tampons and pads to sustain you through your menstrual cycle? Well according to Online Nursing, women experience about 456 periods in their lifetime and in turn means using 9,120 tampons. At the average price of $7.00 per box of tampons, women are spending about $1,773.33 to battle their periods. There is an ethical/sustainable solution to avoid spending this much money on your menstrual cycles. It’s called a menstrual cup!

For those of you who have never heard of this, a menstrual cup is a small flexible device that is made of either silicone or rubber and is used to collect your flow instead of absorb it. It rests against the walls of your vagina and creates a seal so there are no leaks. It sounds weird at first –how can a cup be inserted inside me without feeling it? Well it acts as a tampon in the way that if you insert it correctly, you do not feel it at all! If you need a demonstration, we’ve got you covered.

How To Insert a Menstrual Cup


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In this tik-tok the brand Beppy Community explains how to insert the menstrual cup the proper way to not feel it. And it is quite simple, you just fold in a side of the cup, push it up your vagina and then release. If you’re concerned about taking it out with no spillage, they go over that too!

The benefits of using a menstrual cup

  1.  They last a long time. A cup that costs around $30 to $40 can last up to 10 years! This is incredible for the environment because you’re not producing as much waste as you are with a tampon or pad.
  2. It saves you money. Instead of buying a box of tampons every period, you are making a one-time purchase for 10 years.
  3. When using a menstrual cup you don’t have to worry about changing it out every 4-8 hours because they can collect 12 hours of flow. That means no stressing over staining your underwear or pants.
  4. With the air tight seal they provide, there is less odor. When using a tampon or pad the blood can be exposed to air causing a slight odor. With the cup there is no room for your flow to be exposed to air so there is no possibility of odor.

Still skeptical? Check out this tik-tok of a woman that uses menstrual cups, explaining the benefits they have provided her!


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Whether you’re looking to reduce the waste you produce, spend less money on your menstrual cycle, or find something you can leave in all day, the menstrual cup is for you. Here is a list of brands to consider buying your menstrual cup from!

–Nicole El-koussa

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