5 Custom-Made Vintage-Inspired Etsy Shops You Didn’t Know You Needed

The vintage look is totally in style right now and we are LOVING it! Not only is it a lot more sustainable than retail, but vintage garments are more often colorful, fun and super unique.

The harder part about finding the perfect vintage ‘fit is the fit… That is why No Kill has put together a list of our favorite Etsy shops for vintage-inspired clothing that is made to order using your specific measurements!

Custom-made or made-to-order garments seriously reduce the excess energy usage and textile waste commonly utilized during clothing production!



Wilma’s Past

Wilma’s Past is a great Etsy shop with amazing vintage reproduction clothing from the 30s, 40s, and 50s! Wilma’s Past offers a large array of sizes, styles and fabrics all inspired from clothing from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Most of the garments listed are custom made-to-order, from skirts, dresses, two piece sets and bathing suits! All of the items on Wilma’s Past have a quick description of the original style they have been reproduced from.

Definitely check out their Julia Retro Vintage Two Piece Women’s Playsuit. The playsuit is a reproduction of a 1945 sun and swim suit with a colorful and fun striped pattern to match!

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Lady Mayra Clothing

Lady Mayra Clothing is another great Etsy shop to find some custom-made vintage-inspired garments. The shop prides themselves on creating clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, which No Kill loves too! Lady Mayra has more than 100 different designs and over 1,000 different fabrics and prints, all of which are inspired from the ‘40s and ‘50s. They provide sizes from XS to 5XL, as well as a custom size so you can provide specific measurement. They provide sketches of all of their garments and you can choose the size and pattern. As an example, look into the fabulous Black Cherry Dress, one of our favorites at No Kill with a sassy Rockabilly vibe!

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Dear Emily Studio

This Etsy shop is our new favorite place to find the absolute best vintage-inspired skirts! Dear Emily Studio has an amazing selection of classic midi pleated circle skirts, an iconic look throughout the 20th century. Every garment advertised on Etsy has a personalization box in which you can add your exact measurements, and even change the length of the skirt depending on your height! The items are well priced, beautiful and super unique – it’s unlikely you will run into someone with the same item (which is one of the best parts of vintage clothing in general)! All of the skirts are made with extremely intricate and high-quality fabrics, making it a staple garment in anyone’s closet.

Dear Emily Studio has one signature style, but so many different fabrics to choose from; you should check them out!

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Sew Vintage Seamstress


If you are searching for elegance, look no further! Sew Vintage Seamstress on Etsy has detail-oriented vintage-inspired garments that are beautifully hand-made. From vintage zippers to hand embroidery and beading, all of Sew Vintage Seamstress’s dresses are extraordinary!

With over 500 dresses and blouses inspired by the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, Sew Vintage Seamstress has a wide variety for anyone and everyone.

All of the garments are made-to-order, from fabric selection to custom measurements. Sew Vintage Seamstress allows the customer to choose the fabric from any available fabric store, or if you can even ship them a fabric if you already have one picked out! After the fabric is picked out, they ask for your exact measurements to guarantee the perfect fit.

Check out their 1950s Style Gathered Bust Dropped Waist Dress with Ribbon and Bows Full Gathered Side Skirt; judging by the sketch, it looks great with kitten heels!

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Beespoke Vintage*

Beespoke Vintage offers a large array of custom-made clothing with its inspiration ranging from the 18th century to the modern era! The owner is personally inspired from acclaimed films like Gone with the Wind and Les Misérables, with a self-proclaimed obsession with all historical/vintage clothing.

The shop also has its own website to showcase past projects and their pattern look-book!

Every item on the Beespoke Vintage Etsy shop and site is extremely intricate and well-crafted, they are handmade based on the construction techniques from the period they are inspired by.

Also, if you are looking for a super custom order, Beespoke Vintage can copy, reproduce, or create a garment completely from scratch!

All of the beautiful clothing created by Beespoke Vintage is custom-made based on the customers measurements.

Beespoke Vintage has something for everyone; whether you are looking at the 18th Century Georgian Polonaise Gown or the 1950s Sports Shirt (in novelty fabric), you will not be disappointed!

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There is nothing better than custom-made clothing, unless of course it is vintage-inspired! From its perfect fit to the unmatched uniqueness, vintage-inspired custom-made clothing is constantly on our minds at No Kill, and it doesn’t hurt that its more sustainable!

*Due to the popularity of Beespoke Vintage and the time and detail that is put into every garment, they are currently booked through November 2021.

–Carolina McCormick