5 Online Thrift and Vintage Stores to Shop Secondhand September (or anytime)

Okay, maybe not IRL like this but still you can find some great pieces!

Okay, maybe not IRL like this but still you can find some great pieces!

Secondhand September is well underway, and we’re bringing you more great places to shop second hand. You may have seen our Circular Fashion Edit: 7 Places To Visit For Pre-Loved Luxury article (if not you should check it out!), here is another list featuring a wider price range so something for every budget.

Secondhand September is a 30-day campaign to curb everyone’s fast fashion and consumer habits! The aim of Secondhand September is to encourage EVERYONE to stop shopping or only buy secondhand clothing for the month of September! This can seriously reduce the amount of textile waste and overproduction that is common within the fashion industry. And if you’re reading this past September, no worries! This is a great thing to do anytime –or like a lot of us at No Kill Mag, ALL the time 🙂

This list includes some of our favorite websites for vintage and thrift shopping! From classic polo T-shirts to luxury bags, these shops have it all!


1.     Frankie Collective


Frankie Collective is an amazing and affordable online shop that has a great range vintage and reworked streetwear. The shop’s innovative women’s streetwear is inspired by 90’s staples with vintage and reworked clothing from brands like Carhartt, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and more!

Frankie Collective has a strong commitment to sustainability within the fashion industry. Not only do they re-use and re-purpose old clothing and textiles but they also have their fabric scraps recycled by Fabcycle. Any production processes of Frankie Collective’s reworked pieces are done locally in Vancouver, Canada to ensure fair trade practices.

Ig: @frankiecollective
Consignment: No
Price Range: $
Best For: One-of-a-kind reworked Clothing and Streetwear

Our Picks: Rework Tommy Wrap Tee Vintage Polo Jacket Rework North Face Bustier


 2.     MAW SUPPLY

 MAW (Man and Woman) SUPPLY is an online Etsy shop that sells vintage and reclaimed apparel and accessories. The husband-and-wife team started MAW SUPPLY back in 2012 to share their love for secondhand goods and sustainable day-to-day pieces!

MAW SUPPLY offers curated vintage garments and reworked clothing that would look great in everyone’s closet!

Ig: @mawsupply
Consignment: No
Price Range: $
Best For: Fun everyday wear
Our Picks:
Vintage Houston Rockets Color Block Striped Polo Large Vintage Brown Floral Print High Rise Gathered Waist Pants Vintage Red Floral Plant Print High Waist Front Flap Maxi Skirt


3.     Luxury Garage Sale


Luxury Garage Sale sells authentic pre-owned luxury brand items at affordable pricing! They feature brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes  and  Christian Louboutin, so that you can get designer garments and items for a reduced price. Luxury Garage Sale has everything from shoes, purses, garments, jewelry and menswear!

The team at Luxury Garage Sale has perfected the authentication process so you can be 100% sure that any item bought from them is authentic (and amazing). Any piece found on the site is an investment that is better for the earth and for your wallet!

Ig: @luxurygaragesale
Consignment: Yes! All you need to do is create an account
Price Range: $$$
Best For: Second Hand Luxury
Our Picks: Self-Portrait Black and Blue Layered Eyelet Lace Cocktail Dress Cream Leather Logo Bag Ouverture Pink Rubber GG Logo Buckled Sandals


4.     Refashioner


Refashioner is an online curated shop with vintage and designer garments hand-picked by the site’s owner! Every garment listed on the site includes a story of how the curator found (and sometimes repaired) the item. Refashioner has a large variety of clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry, some of which is even sorted by decade.

To learn more about Refashioner, check out their amazing manifesto which discusses the importance the shop puts on style, quality and sharing. Refashioner is a major supporter of ‘collaborative consumption’, reducing both textile waste and the price of anything listed on the site.

If you are in need of some vintage designer pieces, visit Refashioner.

Ig: @kateseckules
Consignment: No
Price Range: $$$
Best For: knowing the story behind the garment and owning something worn by an icon.
Our Picks: Biggest Pink Tutu in The World 1980s Black & Floral Cotton Dress Helmut Lang 1990s Mad Max Dress


 5.     Thrilling


Thrilling is one of the best online marketplaces for vintage and secondhand items that come from the best shope and boutiques. The Thrilling website currently hosts over 400 stores in more than 100 cities!

They have 100s of beautiful garments at great prices. The garments are shipped straight from the boutique they are located at! Thrilling believes it is crucial to support small and indie businesses; they argue these small shops are the economic and cultural backbone of our communities and neighborhoods! Thrilling is an amazing sustainable and socially responsible place to browse during Secondhand September!

Ig: @shopthrilling
Consignment: No
Price Range: $
Best For: Authentic Vintage from Around the US
Our Picks: 60’s Vibrant Groovy Hawaiian Bark Cloth Dress 00’s Bubblegum Pink Mini Shoulder Bag 90’s High Rise Tropical Print Bikini

 Check out these websites and do some shopping in the name of Secondhand September!

–Carolina McCormick