5 TikTok Fashion Trends


5 TIkTOk Fashion Trends + where to find them sustainably

TikTok is a huge viral video platform among Gen Z right now. The platform allows creatives to express their own style, find inspiration, and promote small businesses. Here are the top five fashion TikTok trends happening right now and where to find them.

  1. Chunky Rings



Chunky rings are having a huge moment right now. TikTok users are loving bright colorful accessory that adds a late 90s vibe to their style. If you’re looking to add chunky rings to your jewelry collection make sure to check out La Manso. Not only do they have the cutest rings but they also are made out of upcycled plastic.

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2. Flare pattern pants



70s style flare pants are back in. TikTok users are especially loving pattern flare pants that are knit that are perfect for your put together yet comfy work from home outfit. If you’re looking for a fun part of flare pants make sure to check out Paloma Wool. Paloma Wool is a unique clothing brand based out of Barcelona that as a matter of fact also gain popularity through TikTok. Paloma Wool’s mission is to express yourself and to bring awareness to sustainability.

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3. Pattern tights 



Pattern tights are becoming a winter staple due to the popularity of TikTok. Colored and sheer tights are paired with dresses and skirts to add fun and color to your outfit. If you looking for a basic or pattern pair of tights check out Swedish Stockings because they follow a production process with zero waste and stockings are made from recycled materials from sportswear production. Bonus! Their factories are also powdered by renewable solar and wind energy.

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4. 70s style sunglasses



Bold and oversized 70s inspired sunglasses are back as well due to their popularity on TikTok. These tinted shades will elevate any look. VEHLA has the trendiest 70s style sunglasses right now if you’re looking to get yourself a pair. They take fashion sustainability very seriously which is why they are constantly looking for new ways to stay ethical. For their cases, they use vegan leather and has significantly reduced single- use plastic in their packaging and production process.


5. Fluffy Totes



During the lockdown, TikTok bought back y2k and it was a trend to start making your own fluffy totes. The platform also blew up small businesses that sell handmade ones if you are too good with a sewing machine. Lolita Jade has the best fluffy totes if you’re looking for one. The brand started on Depop and eventually grew to a small made to order business by Lola Keyser.


–Megan Burke