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Most Wanted: Our outerwear picks from The Manhattan Vintage Show

Do you know what we hate? Going to “vintage” stores and finding the oldest garments they carry are from the late ‘90s or early aughts! When someone says vintage we want high quality garments from many different decades. Thankfully, living in New York we have the Manhattan Vintage Show, which features the best vintage vendors around.

It’s twice a year and neither a pandemic or potential snowstorm will stop it. For vintage lovers it’s a dream come true: instead of running all over town or online to shop, it’s a cornucopia of treasures waiting for you to discover.

Since it’s February we focused our finds on outerwear and here are 8 picks of vintage outerwear that we loved. Plus all the deets on the vendors so you can track them down. If these coats are gone, trust us they’ll have others that you’ll like!

Donnybrook ‘80s Cocktail hour faux fur coat

Walking through the entrance and being greeted with this coat sure does set the standards high. This 80’s coat featured a mature color palette; however, it’s far from that. Found inside Gypsy Nation Vintage, this Donnybrook jacket comes straight out of the time machine with its cocktail waiter print. It features a snap closure and is faux fur. Rihanna was seen wearing a coat from the same collection back in 2015!

Limited Edition Pearl By Lela Rose Floral

February snow brings May flowers…? Is that how it goes? This coat is the perfect transition piece for winter to spring. Found at Olive’s Very Vintage, this limited-edition Lela Rose coat is to die for. Cotton polyester blend, this coat has a timeless silhouette, flattering to anyone.  

Army Green Bomber jacket

Looking for something more casual? We found your dream bomber jacket! Zingara Vintage, a Rockaway, NY native, checks off the boxes for anyone looking for a jacket that won’t ruin the outfit! The corduroy sleeves with the flannel lining allow this jacket to be worn with any layer underneath it.

Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg Printed wool coat

Calling all artists! Are you looking for a coat to match your latest abstract craze? This vintage Diane Von Furstenberg coat might just be the one. The wool is lightweight, making it the perfect statement piece. This coat was in stock at Black Label Vintage.

Octavia Purple Tweed Coat

You know that feeling of putting on a wedding dress and just knowing it’s ‘the one’? That’s how we felt after seeing this purple tweet peacoat. With the perfect purple and white color palette, this wool tweed coat was truly a blast from the past. It’s giving a princess Kate moment, a huge shoutout to SwaneeGRACE for this timeless piece.

Ombre Maxi Puffer Coat

What is winter without a puffer? SwaneeGRACE also offered this maxi puffer jacket. The red-brown to cream ombre created a slim figure illusion. The puffers offered nowadays rarely come this far down the body for someone shorter, so this option is fantastic for those days when a skirt or dress is in rotation. The collar is also worth noting, cotton cable knit design that includes the top of the zipper, allowing the chance for an awesome full zip.

Green Funky Vintage jacket

We are suckers for something different and eye-catching, and that’s exactly what this 90’s Venus Imports fleece-lined jacket delivers. Between the asymmetrical zipper, cutouts and peek-a-boos, and the center pocket, this is the streetwear jacket of your dreams. It is 100% cotton and is fleeced-lined, keeping you cozy all day long; no sweater underneath is needed! We found this piece at Allegra Vintij, and if you are in NYC, they have a showroom in Brooklyn you can book an appointment for!

Denim Patchwork jacket

Ring ring! Hello? It’s the 90’s, they called, they want their denim back! This long denim patchwork jacket is “Da Bomb!” That’s what they used to say, right? The shoulders of this vintage jacket have patchwork details, and there’s a fleece paisley lining.  This jacket also has an exaggerated collar, hidden side pockets, and flap pockets. This gem was from Retrospect Vintage Fashion, and they also have an online Etsy store!

The most ethical way to shop is buying some pre-loved items, and all of these shops (+ more!) offer unique pieces that will level up your closet.

–Savannah Foley

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