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READ: Make The Most Of What’s In Your Closet by Megan McSherry of Acteevism


Megan McSherry is Acteevism, the sustainable life and style blog for conscious consumers. Her newly released e-book is a guide to starting a slow fashion journey with what you already own. If you are a beginner in the sustainable fashion world or simply need some advice on the subject, this is just what you need! Ditch the stigmas of the sustainable approaches to fashion (i.e: too expensive, too exclusive, too restrictive, only neutrals…) and take Megan’s advice; there is no expectation to be perfect!

The book has 7 sections to help you break down everything you need:

  • Intro; About Megan and her journey

  • Closet Audit; Diving into what you already own

  • Styling; How you can evolve your style with pieces you have loved before

  • Personal Style Challenges; Hone in on your style!

  • Parting With Items; Tips because this is so hard to do sometimes

  • Sustainably Adding To Your closet; Tips for building a sustainable wardrobe, no matter where you shop

  • Reject Perfection; Embrace the journey- there are going to be ups and downs!

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WATCH: Senior Prom by Luisa Conlon


The 14 minute documentary about LGBTQ+ retirees having a prom of their own is a must watch this Pride/Prom season, as it is incredibly fitting and heart warming. Filmmaker Luisa Conlon captured the seniors of Triangle Square, in Hollywood, California, making prom their own. As different generations of queer and transgender youth (especially those that grew up in the decades before Stonewall), prom was representative of the exclusion they faced towards their authentic being. However, in this community prom takes on a new meaning– one of going, dancing, and being with whomever one wants. The seniors reflect on their youth experiences and the gay rights movement. The film celebrates this generation that spent their youth fighting for the right to be free from society’s strict rules on sexuality — featuring personal stories of resistance.

Stream it Here


LISTEN TO: Miranda Del Sol


Miranda del Sol is an NYC based singer/songwriter/producer with a habit of lyrically oversharing. “I wish that I could turn my anxiety off like a light switch” she admits in her latest single ‘Care About Me’, a whispered confessional about trust issues and tummy aches. Raised in Miami, FL, her music is also influenced by her Argentinian, Cuban, and Spanish roots, pulling everywhere from magic realism Spanish literature and early 2000’s Latin rhythms. Her melodies are equally inspired by 90’s r&b and the 2010’s Top 40 music she grew up listening to. The fusion of a Kehlani-style vocal production with witty Taylor Swift-esque lyrics results in vulnerable bedroom-pop that is as dreamy as it is raw. In writing honestly about her experiences, she hopes to provide a more realistic look into what love is like for someone with “a tendency of people pleasing” and the cheek to ask if “you really want me or the feeling that you got when you were on me.” The self-proclaimed “latina bedroom pop princess” has been working with her best friend and producer Ayleen Valentine (credits alongside Powfu and Sarcastic Sounds) to write the songs she wishes her younger self could have heard. She is currently studying at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, whose alum include Maggie Rogers, Ninja Charles, and Emily Warren.

We reached out to Miranda Del Sol to get to know more about her journey as a young musician. With 144K likes on TikTok (where we discovered her!) and 6K+ monthly Spotify listeners, the NYU student told us how she got into music:

“I grew up surrounded by music– my playroom was in my dad’s home studio as a toddler. I thought everybody wrote songs (how else were they processing their emotions) but it wasn’t until I found Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ that I realized that I could make a career out of telling my stories. I figured if she played guitar, I’d have to too so I taught myself in fifth grade. I started out mainly writing about my crushes, probably because all the music I heard from female artists at the time was about love. Later in high school, I started playing around with production, but I never really let myself take it seriously until I got to college. Now a lot of music that comes out of me is a reflection or commentary on what I’m learning about myself and my relationship to the world around me. If it’s not inspired by something I’ve felt before, it’s an amalgamation of the feelings of the women around me and our conversations about them.”

Her next single called “SUPPLY&DEMAND”, produced by Ayleen Valentine, is set to come out later this summer (You can hear a preview on TikTok!) Miranda explained that she wrote it at a time when she was feeling really insecure and wanted to explore what it might be like if she wasn’t.

Until the release, we’ll have ‘Care About Me’ on repeat!

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–Leah Flannery