Next Gen Fashion Designer: Alisha Duffy, London College of Fashion

Alisha-Duffy-London College of Fashion

Name of your collection: Northern Revival

What is the inspiration behind your recent work?
The motivation for my final collection began with an enquiry into consumer culture and triggered an incentive to regain a close consumer/product relationship through an honest, ethical and transparent supply chain and production process. There is also a conscious effort to encourage the once thriving Northern England textile industry manifested within the ethos, with the intention to marry their traditional techniques with modern, sustainable solutions. I have taken inspiration from long-standing trends and created interchangeable garments willing to stand the test of time and encourage slower-paced fashion.

How is sustainability part of your ethos?
I have spent a lot of my time researching into the origins of fabrics and fibres to ensure that I have a true understanding of what I am working with and the impact I will be having on the environment. I could not see the justification in excessively importing and exporting as means for cheaper production while already being surrounded by resources. My main prerogatives are to source locally, support those at a fair price for their craft and reduce air miles.
The use of waste products to dye fabrics with minimal water and energy began as a small percentage of the collection but has developed further as the collection grew as did a realisation for the importance of durable, well made garments.

“My main prerogatives are to source locally, support those at a fair price for their craft and reduce air miles.”

How do you see the current situation changing your expectations/path?
Unfortunately I won’t be able to complete my final collection for the time being, but it has enabled me to spend more time educating myself on areas that I might have otherwise not been able to such as illustration, online courses and general reading. Hopefully I will still be able to continue on with my education during these unprecedented times.

Where do you hope to be in 3 years?
I hope to have graduated from a Masters course at LCF, working with conscious brands throughout their research and realisation processes, and becoming a much more conscious consumer myself.

Three things keeping you sane right now

I’m lucky enough to live near nature so a walk here and there is helping me keep a clear head and inspired.
Rediscovering painting, keeping me creative and so calming.
Cooking for my family and having tea together.

If you could dress anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Bianca Jagger, her power suits in the 80s were iconic and so inspiring. I would love to make her a tailored piece.

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