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Art Exhibits for Fashion Lovers in NYC ++

The fall/winter season is upon us. While we admire the changing leaves and vintage grandma sweaters we ultimately find comfort indoors; with whipping winds and dropping temperatures it is warranted. In addition to settling at home, we encourage your weekend plans to include fashion exhibits around New York. Here are our picks you won’t want to miss.

Shoes: Anatomy, Identity, Magic

FIT (Through December 31, 2022)

Hours upon hours could be spent roaming the FIT museum. In addition to their many collections, their newest exhibit Shoes: Anatomy, Identity, Magic is one to relish. The special exhibition’s gallery explores our relationship to shoes: a weathered pair of sneakers, a going-out heel, and everyone’s first pair of baby shoes. A scientific approach unpacks how our bodies move differently in the shoes we wear. The theme of identity addresses how we associate labels with status and how the simple accessory stands as a social tool. A large point of interest comes with the mention of magic. Just like Cinderella in her glass slipper, we believe the right pair of shoes holds the power to change our lives.

Make Believe – Photos by David LaChapelle

Fotografiska Museum (Through January 8, 2023)

The day has arrived, the Fotografiska museum recently unveiled its latest exhibit: a showcase of iconic photographer David LaChapelle. The creative, who found his footing in the 1980s through the 303 Gallery, continued on an upward trajectory after being hired by Andy Warhol for Interview magazine. Upon being affected by the AIDS epidemic as a queer man, his images captured the uncertainty of the current landscape as it evolved with the onslaught of celebrity culture and consumerism. Aptly titled Make Believe, viewers will see over 150 of LaChapelle’s pieces in all their glory. The bold, bright, and hyperreal photographs of distorted images and imagined worlds are sure to dazzle.

Queer Maximalism X Machine Dazzle

Museum of Arts and Design (Through Feb 19, 2023)

Machine Dazzle also known as Matthew Flower describes his pieces as queer maximalism. His personal experiences exposed him to Xanadu, ‘90s New York nightlife, and performances with the Dazzle Dancers (where he would gain the nickname ‘Machine’) gave way to over 100 electric ensembles that fit his artistic vision. His work and the aesthetic tied to it will illicit a second glance. And each design outdoes the next. The multilayered elements are a statement, signaling the intricate and yet all encompassing elements of stagecraft, innovation, and individuality.

From Coast to Coast

If you’re not a part of the bustling New York scene, have no fear – catch these additional museum exhibits across the country.

Fabricating Fashion

Fabricating Fashion - printed kimono chicago exhibit

The Art Institute of Chicago (Through Jan 2, 2023)

Fabricating Fashion celebrates the artistry and rich legacy of an extraordinary range of fabrics for clothing from around the world.”

Today we think of the textile industry in a few words: poor working conditions, synthetic materials, and below minimum wage. Yet these faults do not detract from the lavish garments and skilled workers that breathe life into the fashion industry. Walk amongst Indian cotton, Chinese silk, French embroidery, West African Indigo to understand how imperative textiles are, and continue to be, in relation to of culture, identity, economic class, and more.

Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy

fall fashion exhibit 3 gowns from Fine Arts Musueum of San Francisco exhibit Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (Through November 27, 2022)

Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy celebrates the extraordinary designs of Guo Pei—hailed as China’s first couturier—and includes more than 80 works from the past two decades highlighting her most important collections shown on Beijing and Paris runways. “

Almost everyone remembers Rihanna’s golden gown at the 2015 Met Gala; the textured trim and whimsical embroidery were constructed by famed fashion designer Guo Pei. While her Met moment cemented her name among the public, Pei has remained a pivotal figure in fashion. Marvel at elaborate gowns, delicate beading, and the designer’s legacy as she emerged from China’s Cultural Revolution.

George washington university museum korean fashion exhibition -image of fashionable korean woman

The George Washington University Museum (Through December 22, 2022)

“Innovations in fashion, music, film, and other arts have propelled Korea to the forefront of the world’s creative stage. This major exhibition explores the extraordinary transformation of Korean costume and fashion over the last 125 years, from the late Joseon dynasty to today’s couture and cutting-edge street fashion.’

In 1893, years after Korea opened its borders to international trade and diplomacy, the world was exposed to the country’s traditional clothing. The late 19th century was entranced by silk jackets and robes – and would continue to watch the nation’s fashion evolution for decades to come. Be witness to royal garb, 1950s designers, and present day pop culture fashion now at Korean Fashion: From Royal Court to Runway.

–Kennedy Smith

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