Astrological Outlook for Spring 2022

the year of elegant authenticity and fierce confidence with francesca vuillemin

Where our favorite astrologer, Francesca Vuillemin prepares us for springtime in the Year of the Tiger

February 1st marks the beginning of the new lunar year of the tiger which also corresponds to the Western zodiac sign of Aquarius. Two words that come to mind when describing the year is authenticity and confidence. The chart offers a great deal of visionary energy, thanks to so many planets in Aquarius. While Tiger years have the reputation of being explosive and tumultuous, the element for 2022 is water –compelling us to nurture our passions and live authentically.

On March 9th both Mercury and Jupiter will be in Pisces in the eleventh house inspiring us to build higher minded relationships (Venus and Mars in Aquarius) that support our beliefs.


While we can expect innovation in technology in the sustainable and regenerative food practices, a big reality check for the Meta Verse will be taking place with the North Node that will be in Taurus until July 17, 2023.

The North Node in Taurus is all about being resourceful and the tangible value of things. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is directing us steering us towards natural beauty in the name of harmony. Not in the name of the confines of our humanistic way – like as a trend or what’s “in”.

francesca vuillemin year of the tiger

The South Node (what we need to leave behind) is in Scorpio, is asking us to release behavior patterns that are detrimental to our growth. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is the great transformer helping us remove the dead weight holding us back from rising like the phoenix’s that we are. Scorpio also rules surgery, which could also mean that we may need to let go of our obsession with cutting into our bodies or controlling the natural form to fit the aesthetic mold.

Taurus is asking us to embrace the sensory world because we are sentient beings and our relationship to matter deserves respect while remaining true to our own value systems.


As we move closer to the Spring Equinox, the energy coming in is propelling us upwards like green shoots growing out of the soil. We are blossoming so that we can take on any challenge with elegant authenticity and fierce confidence.

–Francesca Vuillemin

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