Our Picks for the Best Biodegradable Glitter

Our friend, model + performer Mx B. Hawk Snipes shows us how it’s done.

Our friend, model + performer Mx B. Hawk Snipes shows us how it’s done.

Plastic is everywhere, but one place it definitely shouldn’t be is on your skin. If you want to sparkle this summer, you’re going to need a plastic free glitter that breaks down when you wash it off.

Traditional glitters are made from plastic, which means when you wash off a sparkly eye look at the end of the night, micro-plastics are going down the drain. These tiny particles add up to a big issue for our oceans, but these biodegradable glitters are the answer to the problem. Made with plants and not polyester, you can shine with ease in these water safe shimmers.

Submission Beauty 


Not only is Submission Beauty’s glitter biodegradable, it also comes in 100% plastic free packaging- down to the shipping label. Made with Bioglitter, these sparkles are made with the cellulose from eucalyptus trees.

In addition to being TÜV ‘OK biodegradable water’ certified, Submission Beauty also prides themselves on being the first and only glitter to be FDA certified for lip wear. This clean ocean blue is perfect for adding lux to any look.


Moon Shatter

Also made from Bioglitter, Moon Shatter offers a range of colors and color blends to choose from. They also offer a variety of glitter flake sizes- everything from fine powders to chunky, hexagonal statement pieces.

This Gilded Rose blend is all beauty and no plastic beast, in a glass jar which you can purchase refills for. You can use your preferred gel to make this glitter stick, but you can also make it easier by using Moon Shatter’s aloe gel bonder.


Zoey Koko

No bonder required for the ZoeyKoko Bio Glitter Gel, as this glitter is pre-mixed with an aloe vera base for smooth application. This too is formulated with, you guessed it, Bioglitter in all it’s plant based glory.

This product is a great dupe for the popular Unicorn Snot glitter gel, and better thanks to its eco-friendly formula. “Stars in a Jar” is the silver glitter you’ve been looking for to complete your looks.


EcoGlimmer EcoGlitter

These glitters stand alone in their formulation, as they are not made with Bioglitter. However, ecoGlimmer uses similar ingredients like eucalyptus as well as corn for their plant based glitter. They’re keeping it plastic free all the way with their refillable glass jars, too.

EcoGlimmer does require a base to stick to, but they recommend un-petroleum jelly or aloe vera to keep your products all natural.

Have even more confidence when you layer up the glitter knowing it’ll safely biodegrade when you take it off. But, before you do, snap a picture and share your eco-friendly glitter looks with us on Instagram!

–Tori D’Amico