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Hey NYC fam, it’s time to get your FIX

If you live in New York now there’s no excuse not to get your favorite item of clothing or accessory fixed! Here are some of our absolutely favorite places for clothing alterations, shoe repairs tailoring and more.


Sometimes we hold on to pieces that no longer work for us. At the back of your closet, you likely have a small pile of assorted items that you no longer wear but can’t let go of. For me, that list includes a pair of stained jeans, pants with a broken button, and a few dresses with hemlines that have risen too high to wear in public. What can we do about these items? Face the inevitable and donate them or throw them in the landfill?

NYC has upcyclers and tailors who provide another solution and we’ve compiled a list of 5 repair shops that you can take your broken, damaged, unwearable pieces to and give them new life.


Watch the ‘alterations are too inconvenient’ excuse unravel at the seams – the Alternew team travels to their customers’ preferred location to perform quick, on-site tailoring.

Serving on-site across Manhattan and Brooklyn, Alternew provides alterations, repairs, and upcycling services. They will also deliver or ship your clothes back to you.


Not just your basic fix: The Alternew team gave this skirt an amazing new look.


If you are looking for a bold, colorful, and playful refresh, then Eva Joan Repair in the West Village is for you. This shop can patch, embroider, and mend your clothes in interesting and charming ways. You can also purchase upcycled and vintage clothes here, as well as embellishments.

22 8th Ave, New York, NY

The fun and playful handiwork of Eva Joan Repair


Both of Vince’s Village Cobbler locations offer repairs on a wide range of shoes from Birkenstocks to sneakers, heels, and boots. They can also repair leather bags and jackets. We have a complicated relationship with leather at NKM – obviously plant-based is best. But we also believe in making the most out of what’s in your closet, and if you’ve got some leather that needs TLC, Vince’s Village is the place.

125 Sullivan St, New York, NY
227 West 29th Street, New York, NY


If Vince’s can bring back the red on your Louboutin’s you know they’re good!


Located in Times Square, T.O. Dey is frequented by dancers and businessmen. As well as repairing shoes, they offer custom dance and orthopedic shoes. Owner Gino Bifulco will repair your shoes and even dye them in custom shades.

151 W 46th St, New York

Get your shoes refreshed to compete with the lights of Broadway.


The French American Reweaving Company is located in Midtown. Their business utilizes traditional French American techniques to mend sweaters and suits.

Painstaking repair of knitwear holes and tears, maintaining an almost Lost Art. Now you can repair that vintage sweater with a moth hole and make it look like new.

119 W 57th Street, New York, NY

-Sammie Wilhoit


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