Are you ready to elevate your fashion choices to contribute to a sustainable future? Tune in to our top podcasts.

Uncover the unexpected links between fashion and a sustainable future through the captivating discussions in our top podcasts. As a follow up to our book list, Do Our Choices Really Matter in the Fight Against Climate Change? We’ve curated a list of podcasts that ask the same question and more.

(updated August 2023)

The Wardrobe Crisis

With over 150 different episodes, the Wardrobe Crisis Podcast will keep you very busy and informed! Launched in 2017, it is the world’s leading sustainable fashion podcast.
Hosted by journalist, filmmaker, and author, Clare Press, the Wardrobe Crisis Podcast has over one million downloads from a global audience of designers, manufacturers, big brand businesses and consumers.

Clare discusses all things sustainable fashion from circularity and thrifting to fair trade with a range of renowned guests! In addition to the podcast, the Wardrobe Crisis is a sustainable fashion education platform offering online courses, newsletters, and Instagram content, so check them out!

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Host Amanda McCarty takes the insider knowledge she gained from working in fashion and retail and exposes little-known aspects of the industry to help us better understand the true cost of consumption.

The podcast features guests from the ethical fashion world as well as audio essays highlighting people’s specific experiences.
(we really liked this one!) With almost 200 episodes and a vibrant Instagram community full of fun visuals, there is plenty to get you started.

Check out our interview with Amanda to learn more about her and the podcast that “loves clothes but hates capitalism!”

IG: @clotheshorsepodcast

Listen On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Youtube

Unbiased Label

Unbiased Label is a podcast that believes “labels belong on clothes, not people”. It is hosted by Zara Korutz, who has over ten years of exposure to the world of brands, fashion, luxury, and the arts. The podcast looks at fashion through a critical lens and poses questions in order to make room for new ways to think about society and culture.

Featured guests on Unbiased Label have included everyone from Michelle Obama’s MUA Carl Ray to author and curator at The Museum at FIT Colleen Hill to McQueen collaborator Simon Ungless.

IG: @unbiasedlabelpodcast

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Recloseted Radio

Recloseted Radio is your go-to podcast for everything you need to know about starting a sustainable fashion brand and maintaining environmentally-friendly practices. It’s hosted by Selina Ho, the founder and CEO of Recloseted, a sustainability consulting company.

The podcast gives practical tips for launching a start-up and growing your small business. With topics like, “How to Create a Sustainability Report” and “How to Build an Engaged Community,” Recloseted Radio aims to make sustainability accessible and profitable from a business perspective. Along with over 150 podcast episodes, Recloseted also offers online courses, youtube videos, and other resources.

IG: @recloseted Listen On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts

The Pre-Loved Podcast

The Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl is one of our favorites at No Kill!

This is an interview-based podcast all about vintage style, published weekly, and featuring guests you will want to get out and thrift with!
The Pre-Loved Podcast and its different guests explore personal style, business, the global second-hand industry, sustainability, and so much more. With over 100 episodes, we guarantee you will learn a lot!

Sidenote: We recently featured Emily in one of our recent gift guides. Check out our article on 15 Planet Positive Presents to see what she recommended!

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher Follow her on Instagram

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan are fashion historians inviting guest fashion historians, creators and other costume insiders to explore the history of dress. Some of the guests include Valerie Steel, the director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Mona May, the costume designer of the movie “Clueless”. Zachary, Callaghan and their guests share their historical research to understand modern fashion. This podcast looks back in history to understand today’s conversations about cultural appropriation, gendered clothing, sustainability and ethics in the creation of what we call “fashion”.

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Conscious Chatter

In her efforts to open the door to conversations about social responsibility in fashion Kestrel Jenkins addressed where, how and why our clothes are made in her podcast. Conscious Chatter invites community leaders and trailblazers to discuss what they believe needs to change in the global fashion scene. Jenkins has talked with guests about empowering youth through environmentally conscious clothing, creating sustainability focused magazines, developing plant-based textiles, and more.

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Green Dreamer Podcast

Green Dreamer

Kamea Chayne looks at environmental issues through the lens of economics and politics with her various guests. Green Dreamer explores ideas of “collective healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all”. In this podcast “reimagining” is key to understanding the sustainability issues society faces. Dismantling, rethinking, and dissecting are important to Chayne’s conversations about food waste, materialism, corporate responsibility and more.
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Manufactured was founded by Jessie Li and Kim van der Weerd, who both have experience working with fashion supply chains and wanted to share their insights into sustainability and the making of fashion with wider audiences. Currently solo-hosted by Kim van der Weerd, the podcast brings in manufacturers, suppliers, and other experts from the field.

They cover topics like materials and working conditions, and reveal what really goes on throughout the production process. While starting such an informationally packed podcast might seem slightly intimidating, each episode is full of important stories and facts that are worth a listen.

IG: @manufactured_podcast

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube

Love to Sew

Love to Sew is a podcast about modern sewing hosted by two sewing enthusiasts and small business owners, Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos. The podcast appeals to all kinds of makers– both professionals and designers as well as more casual sewers and hobbyists– in an effort to make sewing feel less like an isolating activity. Episodes include applied sewing lessons, inspiring stories from guests, and a wide range of topics like the history of sewing patterns and zero-waste sewing. There are currently over 200 episodes to choose from so you are bound to find something that suits your interests!

IG: @lovetosew.podcast

Listen On: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher

Sustain This!

Sustain This! is a podcast that has been producing episodes since May 2023. The podcast is hosted by Alyssa Beltempo, a sustainable stylist, Christina Mychas, a former shopaholic, and Signe Hansen, a color consultant and ethical fashion style coach.

While they are relatively new to the podcast scene, they have already come out with thoughtful, engaging episodes that seem to bode well for their future. Some topics covered so far are why “Fashion is NOT frivolous,” “Are microtrends ruining personal style?” and “Style vs. Fashion.” Sustain This! is perfect for those looking for a shorter podcast they can binge all in one go.

IG: @sustainthis_podcast
Listen On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

–Emma Kendall

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