Style Inspo: Fave Style from Instagram with Shayna Klee


Insta Inspo

Shayna Klee – our favorite American in Paris


You know how you’re warned not to look at instagram too much because other people’s lives might make you feel bad about your own and/or it’s all super curated or fake? Well, sometimes there are accounts where someone’s life doesn’t make you jealous but is so much fun to look at it makes you happy and inspired. In our insta inspo’s we share some of our favorite people we adore scrolling through. This is Shayna / @_purple_palace a visual artist and video content creator. She also happens to be an American in Paris and we’re watching her YouTube channel to improve our French. (okay, and to see her super fun videos & amazing style 😉 )

She is an avid thrifter and her style is fearless and fun and just looking at it can brighten my day. And more than that, inspires me to be more daring with my own looks – even during lockdowns!

We asked her how Covid was affecting her early on in the pandemic on instagram and we’re re-sharing now because even though there are vaccines on the horizon Rona is not going away without a battle. So her thoughts are still relevant. And we’re following this up with a few of our favorite looks and captions from her instagram that shows how she serves us major inspiration all the time.


Shayna Klee - Purple Palace

How has adjusting to the current climate of COVID-19 impacted your life?
In a lot of ways as an artist that is used to spending long hours in my studio or editing, staying inside is nothing new. I actually see a lot of positives in this, because I have less distraction and more time to focus on my work.

What are 3 things you are doing during this time to keep sane?
I am painting, DIYing clothes and working on film projects

Any words of wisdom you want to share?

You have to be the one to hype yourself up and get yourself excited for the day –whether that be a crazy dance in the morning, journaling or setting small goals for yourself!


avavav firenze yellow dress

“NEVER dim your light for anyone! You are here for a reason and the world needs your unique gifts. Surround yourself with people who nurture your dreams and love you for you! 🌻Reminded of this today while wearing this yellow dress by @avavavfirenze that has me feeling like a ray of freakin sunshine!!”


Shayna Klee on the subway

“Doin’ yoga in the Paris subway🌻Remember when you wake up in the morning to look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I freakin love you!! We are going to have SO much fun today and A TON of magical things will happen to us because that’s just our destiny! We are a light wherever we go and we make people around us feel good and we are loved and appreciated completely as we are!!” This will seem really weird at first and you’ll probably laugh a lot talking to your reflection but I promise you it’ll bring a huge smile to your face and make all the difference in your day. Never forget that as an adult you become your own parent and your inner self NEEDS YOU to be loving and kind to yourself for them!! You are a strong and special human being🌷I love you! Love, Shayna”



“GOOD MORNING! 😃 I hope everyone’s keeping creative and havin’ a lil fun despite this confinement! In that light hearted spirit, I thought I’d share this little DIY action I did on these pants using only cleaning products we already had at home 💥🤑 it was really easy and made mine and Alex’s day.”

Follow her on instagram here. + her website + youTube channel <<<The BEST!