Bethany Williams slayed Fall 2020 Menswear


First Do No Harm: Bethany Williams slayed Fall 2020 Menswear

We have been avidly following Bethany Williams since she collaborated with a food bank to create Breadline, her first collection that highlighted the hidden hunger problem in the UK. Someone jaded might think this a publicity stunt, but she’s proven time and again that her commitment to addressing and raising awareness about social issues is on par with making a gorgeous and wearable collection.

This time around she worked with The Magpie Project, an organization which provides shelter and essentials to women and children under five that are homeless – many who have fled domestic violence. And she uses a factory in North London that works with women ex-offenders and those on prison day-release. –part of LCF’s Making for Change program.

All of this social good doesn’t mean she skimps on style. The collection is bright and colorful with wonderful illustrations, hand-knit sweaters and fringed blanket coats. Everything is organic, recycled, or handmade and even includes nylon from tents abandoned at music festivals. What she’s doing is a great example for all fashion producers and reminds me of what doctors learn in med school: First, do no harm. Something worth remembering for all of us.