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BOTTER wins ANDAM Fashion Award

Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter, designers of sustainable brand BOTTER

We believe in the future of fashion where technology and new materials are leading and emotion and storytelling are vital.
Designing for the future in collaboration with nature.

BOTTER, a  Caribbean-inspired, gender-neutral brand just won the prestigious ANDAM Fashion Award. The two designers, Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter will receive 300,000 euros and mentorship from the president of Chanel.

Founded in 1989 by Nathalie Dufour, with the French Ministry of Culture and the DEFI (supervised by the French Ministry of Industry) as historical institutional sponsors, ANDAM was conceived as a structure for recognizing and assisting young designers on the French and international fashion scene. Martin Margiela was awarded as the first ANDAM fellowship winner.

There is no requirement in terms of sustainability. (The only requirement is the award recipients must own a French company or set one up during the same year as the receipt of the fellowship.)

Despite this, BOTTER has a much more holistic approach to fashion, and in the past has collaborated with ocean conservation group Parley for the Oceans. During lockdown they established a coral nursery off the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. They’ve pledged to spend the money on the development of biotextiles and the management of their coral farm .

BOTTER Spring Campaign
BOTTER Spring/Summer 2022 GLOBAL WARNING campaign documented by Viviane Sassen shot in Malibu, California.

Their Sustainability Statement

BOTTER is established by a distinct vision on the current social and environmental problems. Passionate about the ocean’s health, BOTTER firmly believes that synergy and harmony is key in the relation between human and water.

In 2020 BOTTER launched their Coral Reef Farm on Curaçao, in collaboration with a local dive company (Curious 2 Dive), to fight against the global bleaching problem of the coral reefs through fashion. The leading cause of coral bleaching is climate change. A warming planet means a warming ocean, and a change in water temperature —as little as 2°F can cause coral to drive out algae. Coral may bleach for other reasons, like extremely low tides, pollution, or too much sunlight.

We are transforming the way we approach the classic fashion system to invest in the future. Creating meaningful garments and accessories that are durable and make you part of a better future. Aiming to design 80% of our collections with sustainable ocean waste plastic materials by 2022. This plastic waste is collected by Parley during beach cleanups all over the world. Our goal is to donate back a percentage of the profit to the Coral Nursery and keep up with their required attention.

The brand is determined to create an impactful movement, where the world will benefit, and not only the businesses. By doing so we will commit to using innovative materials, such as the ocean waste plastic materials that are coming from non-renewable resources. Synthetic materials collected from the shore, manufactured by humans such as plastics and polyesters, that can be reused and recycled in a continuous cycle, remaining their quality.

The other 20% of our collection will be made from biological materials such as wools and cottons. These materials are biodegradable and can safely decompose over time.

Furthermore, BOTTER mainly produces its garments in Italy, Portugal, and Spain to lower the carbon footprint. Because we produce in these countries, the manufacturers are required by European law to recycle their waste properly, re-use water, and use renewable energy. Lastly, by making people aware and starting the conversation through different disciplines like crossing fashion with arts and innovation, we constantly strive to speak to their emotions and make the viewer aware. Thus, BOTTER highly values inclusivity and the community feel of lifting each other up, motivating each other to make the change together.

BOTTER Fall 22 Runway looks

BOTTER Manifesto

At BOTTER we care.

We care about fashion, as the golden daughter of all arts. We care about nature, as the golden mother of all arts.

Without nature, no arts, nothing. Without the sea, no human, no us.

Speaking up and acting for the Caribbean Sea, is an act of respect. Respect to the human race motherland, respect to our ancestors’ motherland. Preserving it sounds to us like an evidence, an obligation.

On Curaçao, as on many islands, the coral reef – epitome of oceans ecosystem – is dying. Under the unconcerned eye of the mass tourism, the fishing industry and the environmental issues.

Giving life again to the coral reef is giving back to nature, giving back to the world.

This is the purpose of our deep involvement in the BOTTER coral nursery, an organization that actively works on reviving the coral reef.

This is the idea we have for a better world, this is the idea we have for the BOTTER world.

–Katya Moorman

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