Why We Strike – kids of the climate strike

Global Climate Strike

If not now, then when?


““It is time for snakes and leaves, it is time for the roots and spots of the jaguar, the mother strongly reclaims what belongs to her, the viper tangles itself on the smokestack, the claws shake the oil, some new flowers germinate from seeds that had previously been watered, fire cannot burn them, they are the seeds of new life, Earth has cried enough and now its tears are the new oceans.”

— Jhon Cortés, Illustrator + Activist

Youth climate leaders around the country are striking on September 20th, and are asking all of us to join them to demand action on the climate crisis from elected officials and institutions across the globe.

The strike has three core demands:
1. no fossil fuels
2. a just transition for frontline communities
3. holding polluters accountable. 

In the US, youth and adults, institutional and grassroots organizations, climate-focused and social justice groups, are coming together as a unified front to demand the change we need to save our future. The youth have been leading the way and demanding bolder action, and now it’s time for everyone else to back them up.

The coalition, coordinated by Future Coalition, includes national youth-led groups such as Zero Hour, Earth Uprising, Fridays For Future USA, Sunrise, US Youth Climate Strike, and Extinction Rebellion Youth.

The climate crisis is the largest threat of our time, and we’re counting on our collective power to demand immediate and decisive action. This is our opportunity to move beyond the traditional climate bubble and expand the table of who is involved in this movement. It is time to lift up the voices and stories of young people on the frontlines of this crisis and ensure we are creating an intergenerational and intersectional climate justice movement.

“September 20 will be one of the largest climate mobilizations in US history. We, as a global society, are at a crossroads. We have a decision to make. Are we going to choose money or power or we going to choose the future? This strike is an invitation to choose us. Choose the kids, choose humanity, choose the future.”

To #StrikeWithUs, head to http://strikewithus.org