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Collina Strada Authentically Brings Community – Spring/Summer 21

A lot of shows of young designers or emerging brands have their “friends” model in it. This isn’t so much about budget constraints but more to position the brand in a certain cultural milieu (look they’re friends with all the cool downtown kids!)

 This is not how Hillary Taymour does it: she brings her real community of friends and family –they are in both in the show and in the front row. And the front row this time as at a rooftop farm in Sunset Park, Brooklyn which ties in well with a brand that has people and the planet at the forefront. She continues to create her colorful pieces that felt especially joyous at this moment in time and which comes from an intuitive place rather than a master plan –what she referred to as “chaotic” dressing. But there was nothing chaotic about the actual pieces–exuberant prints mixed and layered with abandon- and there’s something about Collina Strada that always feels just exactly. right.

And right now.

Collina Strada SS 21 0ne


Collina Strada SS 22 2


Collina Strada spring 22


Hillary Taymour


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