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Culture Dose | No Filter: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful | The Good Life 2030 | Articles of Interest

READ: No Filter: The Good the Bad, and the BeautifuL

The 1980s, the decade known for neon, oversized blazers, and preppy ensembles were all highly coveted runway moments, worn by the emerging supermodels who paved the way. In addition to Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford, Paulina Porizkova was one of the highest paid models of her time, gaining magazine covers, a space on the runway, and bookings with notable designers. Porizkova’s memoir, No Filter: The Good the Bad, and the Beautiful Porizkova is unveiling the the dark side of the fashion world and its effects on her personal life. A supermodel lifestyle full of glitz, glamor, and a full face of makeup was seemingly all that and more. In the present day, Porizkova’s presence remains contradictory: open, mature, unfiltered, and ready to show her authentic self to the public on inked pages.

Watch: The Good Life 2030

Imagine all you can do in just fifteen minutes. Take a walk, write a letter, or put away a pile of laundry. Fifteen minutes also allows for a short documentary, imagining a better, brighter future with you at the forefront.

The dawn of civilization has not been without advertising. Its cyclical process of supply and demand has led us down a path of overconsumption, making way for landfills, loss of resources, and a decaying environment. Good Life 2030 is a bold, brief film that informs and works to reshape the advertising and marketing communication industry to promote attitudes, lifestyles, behaviors, and brands aligned with halving carbon emissions by 2030. In collaboration with the Insight Climate Collective, Race to Zero, Stories for Life, and over 200 industry professionals, Purpose Disruptors are shifting the cultural landscape and working towards a good life: an inhabitable environment and a progressive society.

Listen: Articles of interest

Articles of Interest is a show about what we wear. Host and producer Avery Trufelman investigates our collectively held beliefs about fashion and explores topics like the intellectual property law behind knockoffs, the creation of tartan and the history of plaid, and the environmental impact of the textile industry. Articles of Interest is a smart, insightful take on the clothing industry, for fashion nerds and dilettantes alike.


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