Thrift the Runway– Dior Style Inspo

Christian Dior Thrift Challenge

I was completely fascinated by the recent Dior show and its beautiful mixture of feminine and masculine styles. I decided this show would be my first “thrifted runway” challenge and it actually turned out to be easier than anticipated. The plaid jacket, black undershirt, boots and lingerie shorts all came from my wardrobe, but the skirt for this look proved a harder find. It is a very unique piece and not something that you see in a thrift store everyday. In the end, I remembered a long sheer skirt in my own closet and decided to cut the lining out! It worked perfectly to complete my Dior inspired look and further proved that you can look runway ready in a affordable and ethical way.


My name is Audrey Rhodes, and I am a funky fashion lover who seeks to educate those around me about style and sustainability. Most thrifted fashion is considered very safe and basic; however, I attempt to take thrifted fashion to a new level through the lens of the runway. I will be taking you on a journey that shows just how useful a thrift store can be, if you have the right perspective, and how you can help the environment while looking the best you’ve ever looked. 

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