Where to Buy Eco-friendly Ethical Sustainable Fashion

Local production, low-impact dyes, and unique designs are just a few of the many reasons to make these brands your first choice when shopping for something new.

If you’re looking for a few go-to brands that offer sustainable fashion, this is for you!  You won’t think twice about your impact when shopping on these sites. You can find everything from bags to shoes, tops, dresses, outerwear, and so much more!  We especially love these brands for their ethical supply chains, eco-friendly fabrics, and commitments to giving back.  Prices can largely vary due to the broad range of items.

Our Top Pick | Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row Ethical fashion brand sustainable fashion brand outfit

Whimsy + Row is a Los Angeles based clothing company that prides itself on a fully local production process.  All items are produced within a few miles of their offices. This makes it easy to visit their factories and check out the working conditions. To ensure sustainability everything is produced in a limited run. They also use low-impact fabrics and dyes, and any leftover scraps are made into accessories or given to a textile recycling company.  Beyond that, Whimsy + Row is carbon neutral and reduces plastic use by picking up garments directly from the factories.  To top it off, Whimsy + Row gives back to organizations like One Tree Planted, Feeding America, Black Lives Matter, and Downtown Women’s Health Center (among many others!).

Sizes: XS-XL, 24-32
Fabrics: GRISOCARE (ECOVERO VISCOSE/Viscose Lenzing™ blend), Organic Denim, Linen, Tencel™-Cupro Vegan Silk, Organic Cotton, Deadstock, Tencel™, Modal, and Oeko-Tex Viscose.

Amour Vert | Runner Up

Amour Vert Ethical fashion brand sustainable fashion brand outfit

Another California-based company, Amour Vert focuses on the full lifecycle of the brand’s garments.  They partner with local mills to create their very own fabrics. This ensures truly eco-friendly fibers, ethical fashion practices, and a traceable supply chain.  Clothing is produced in limited quantities, and for every tee bought from Amour Vert, a tree is planted.  The brand has also developed its own resale marketplace, ReAmour. Customers can buy and sell pre-loved items at lower prices, encouraging continued use of their products.

Sizes: XS-XL (occasionally XXS & XXL included) Fabrics: TENCEL™ modal, FSC-Certified beechwood fibers, Washable Silk, Cottonseed Cupro, and Ethical Wool.


Valani Ethical fashion brand sustainable fashion brand outfit

Described as on a mission to “Lighter Living,” Valani aims to create a fun brand with a tiny footprint.  Valani items are either handmade in Chicago or in a GOTS-certified facility in India with low impact, non-toxic dyes on plant-based fabrics that are never blended with synthetics.  Product patterns are strategically designed for the lowest amount of scrap fabric, and those scraps that are left over are turned into scrunchies, used as filling for things like toys and crafts, or recycled.  What’s more, Valani donates 10% of their profits to women’s empowerment programs, animal charities, and environmental initiatives.

Sizes: 0-12
Fabrics: Hemp, Tencel™, and Banana (like a vegan silk!)


Able Ethical fashion brand sustainable fashion brand outfit

ABLE started as a scarf company employing women coming out of the commercial sex industry in Ethiopia. It’s aim was to empower these women and help end poverty. The brand quickly grew. It now offers a wide selection including bags, shoes, clothes, and jewelry.  ABLE’s staff is 95% women. It continuously evaluates their manufacturing partners all over the world through their program, ACCOUNTABLE. This assures safety, equality, and fair wages for all.

Sizes: XXS-XXL (some items available up to 3X)
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Leather (all materials are either scrap pieces, byproducts of the meat industry or sourced from tanneries that are part of Leather Working Groups), and Denim (created with reduced water usage and more environmentally friendly chemicals).


Reformation Ethical fashion brand sustainable fashion brand outfit

Reformation, founded in Los Angeles, provides safe, healthy, and fair working conditions through owning its own factory in LA.  The brand also conducts on-site responsibility audits and partners with the Fair Labor Association to uphold these standards for workers throughout their supply chain.  Products are created in limited amounts and Reformation uses customer data to decide which items to make more of.  All are created from low-impact fabrics or deadstock/vintage materials.  Reformation is also 100% carbon-neutral and created the RefScale tool, which is applied to every item to show its environmental impact.  To ensure further transparency, the brand puts out a sustainability report each quarter that is made public and emailed to customers.

Sizes: XS-XL, 0-12 (tops/dresses), 23-32 (jeans), 14-24 (extended sizes), 1X-3X
Fabrics: TENCEL™, Recycled Cotton, Deadstock, Vintage, Linen, Viscose, ECONYL®, Alpaca, Silk (must be certified), and Leather (must be certified)


Wvn Ethical fashion brand sustainable fashion brand outfit

Certified B-Corp, WVN, offers functional, timeless clothing created in Fair Trade factories.  WVN maintains strong relationships with these factories to ensure high standards and gives back monthly to She’s The First, an organization supporting underserved girls around the world.  The brand also created their Heritage Collections that are handmade using traditional techniques and practices by artisan makers.

Sizes: XS-XL
Fabrics: Organic Cotton and GOTS-certified materials

Please note: we picked these brands in part because their variety of items and basic return policies are most like traditional shopping sites. Be sure to check out our other guides. Such as underwear or denim which offer both menswear and even more inclusive sizing.