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Ethical Menswear Shopping Guide

Quality natural fibers, great fits and better for the planet make this a no brainer!

Ethical shopping is for everyone! These brands include sustainable clothing designed for men. Feel good about purchasing high quality clothes with a lower impact on the world. Check out our top picks for environmentally conscious fashion for men.


Calling all animal lovers! This company practices the 5 freedoms of animal welfare meaning the animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, fear, and distress. They provide shelter in a way that allows animals to express normal behavior. Their use of the Responsible Down Standard certifies that the animals are treated with respect at all times. prAna has adopted their own strict policy against using alpaca, angora, conventional silk, conventional cashmere, fur/hides (excluding cattle), mohair, rabbit, and yak. This is just one of the many ways prAna practices ethical fashion, so checkout the sustainability tab on their website to learn more!

Price Range: $39.00-$100+ Sizes: 28”-42” width, XS-XXL Fabrics: Forest fibers, Hemp, Organic content, and Recycled Content


Embracing circularity is a main goal for this company, and they do this through the commitment of repairing, replacing, or recycling their S.E.A. jeans. They reduce textile waste that ends up in landfills through their use of organic, recycled, or regenerated fabrics. This company doesn’t just stop there, they are FLA accredited meaning they have tactics to ensure they uphold the highest international labor standards. They are dedicated to you, the environment, and the people that make their products possible.

Price Range: $48.00-$328.00
Sizes: S-XXL Fabrics: 90% Organic, recycled, and regenerated fibers

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is ideal for the different man who cares about their clothing and community. Taylor Stitch values corporate social responsibility and gives back to the very community that gave them a name in the first place. Heavy-duty men deserve clothing that will hold up through the job and minimal environmental cost.

Price Range: 20% offered when you sign up for the email newsletter. Knits start at $45, being the most inexpensive, denim and outerwear range from $150-$200
Sizes: XS-XXL
Fabrics: Organic cotton, Heavy Bag (Up-cycled cotton and recycled polyester), Boss Duck  (Heavy-duty hemp-based workwear), Leather, Yak Wool, Merino Wool, Waxed Organic Cotton.


TenTree is precisely that, ten trees are planted every time a customer orders an item. TenTree is working towards minimizing its footprint and creating a circular supply chain. With a commitment to putting the earth first, TenTree offers garments of all kinds for every man using sustainable materials. They work with multiple organizations such as OneTreePlanted, Eden Projects, and Trees for the Future, all with a goal in mind of planting 1 billion trees by 2030. Each product examines TenTree’s practices, going into detail about how much water, CO2, and waste was saved, allowing all customers to see the impact their newly purchased shirt has on the environment.

Price: Range: $25-$80, Outerwear is $150-$300
Size Range: S-XXL Fabric: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Tencel, Hemp, and Cork.

Frank and Oak

A brand that values environmentally friendly packaging and innovative fabrics. Actively shaping the way you shop, this brand uses parcel’s made from recycled papers that are safe for recycling. Utilizing compostable polybags made from ecological polymers enables microorganisms to fully dissipate them in landfills. Their denim lab uses recycled denim that is broken down into single fibres and then reconstructed into jeans. The jeans are eco-dyed, thermal-lined, rivetless, and fade proof, allowing for a longer life-cycle.

Price-Range: $14.99- $149.00 Sizes: 28”-38” width,  32”-34” length, XS-XXL Fabrics: Hemp, Kapok, SeaCell, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Recycled Nylon, Recycled Wool, Non-Mulesed Wool, Yak Wool, Lenzing Ecovero Viscose, Seawool

Industry of All Nations

Coming to light in April 2010 this company interested in research, design and development was founded with the initiative of rethinking methods of production. They cycle back to original makers through the use of indigenous and responsible manufacturing techniques. Working with communities around the world to develop sustainable practices ensures the products are causing no harm to the environment. They offer great staple pieces that will live in your wardrobe for years to come.

Price Range: $25.00-$240.00
Sizes: XS-XL Fabrics: Alpaca Fibers, Organic Cotton, Recycled Fibers, Natural Rubber, Veg-Tanned Leather, Farm Grown Teak, Agave Fiber, Acetate, and Jute.


Recognized as a material science company, Pangaia is the leader in inclusivity and environmental care. Pangaia is constantly introducing new and innovative textiles to the industry. Made up of scientists, technologists, and designers, Pangaia has mother earth in the spotlight of its mission. Their websites allow easy navigation of the innovative technology used to create products. Although they feature a category for men specifically, Panagia prides itself on its unisex loungewear products

Price Range: $55-$150, certain collections with specific fabric are priced higher.  Size Range: XXS-XXL Fabrics: Biobased Fibers: FLWRDWN™and C-Fiber™ Plant Fibers: Organic Cotton, Linen, PLNTFIBER™ & FRUTFIBER™, Pangaia Denim Technical Fibers: Natural Fiber Welding—MIRUM® Leather, Vegea—Grape Leather Recycled Materials: Recycled Cotton Animal Fibers: Recycled Cashmere and wool.

Toad & Co

Toad & Co is a one-of-a-kind company. Co-founders of Planet Access Company, they employ up to 70 employees with disabilities who are trained in product assembly, order processing, and material handling. Factory workers and their treatment is a huge part of sustainable manufacturing, and Toad & Co hits the mark. Toad & Co also features an innovative packing design available at checkout. In partnership with LimeLoop, they offer a reusable mailer that the consumer sends back to the company, the circular model at its finest!

Price Range: $30-$150
Size Range: S-XXL
Organic Cotton, Lenzing Modal, Hemp, Tencel, Recycled Fabrics, Vegan

p a c t

With a mission of building earth’s favorite clothing, everything they produce is made with organic cotton. They ensure care for the people and the planet by partnering with Fair Trade Certified factories. Pact gives you the opportunity to consciously choose to nullify the carbon footprint of your shipping, and they use materials that reduce the packaging footprint on the planet.

Price Range: $14.00-$90.00
Sizes: S-XL Fabrics: Organic Cotton

Known Supply

Their motto, “We are humanizing the apparel industry,” says it all. Known Supply puts faces to the clothing, allowing customers to see exactly who makes their garment. When shopping on their website, you can read a description of the worker who made the product you’re interested in.

Price Range: $30-$70
Size Range: XS-4XL Fabrics: Prima Cotton, Organic Cotton, Recycled Fabrics

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is a one-stop shop for everything you need. With an emphasis on transparency, Threads 4 Thought allows you to peer into their sourcing, manufacturing, and retail productions.  Threads 4 Thought releases a Transparency Report with the intentions of reaching customers who value and care about the brand’s high-quality input and their low impact output—allowing customers to determine the success of their moral and ethical standards by casting a vote with their wallet.

Price Range: T-shirts are currently 3 for $60, priced at $28 normally. Hoodies and joggers are $50-$70
Size Range: XS-3XL and TALL-M through TALL-3XL Fabrics: Lenzing™ Modal, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester and Nylon, Triblend (50% recycled poly, 37% Organic Cotton, 13% Rayon)

Organic basics

Tracking the life cycle of a garment allows Organic basics to know exactly how their company is affecting the environment. Through this method, Organic basics has saved 2.43 tonnes of waste from landfills. They work with factories that use fabric cutting techniques efficiently to  minimize waste and recycle the textile offcuts, so that they can be downcycled or upcycled. They value regenerative agriculture to improve the quality of soil which reduces carbon emissions in an effort to control climate change.

Price Range: $45.00-$150.00
Sizes: 30”-36” width, S-XXL Fabrics: Regenerative Cotton

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