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Foraged Fields

The trick to this all natural indie foundation is mixing it with moisturizer!

Between the plastic tubes and the pumps, foundation can be a hard swap to make to zero waste. Finding natural ingredients, earth friendly packaging and a good range of shades may feel impossible, but that’s why we’re doing it for you.

After searching for foundations which met our criteria, we found Foraged Fields, an etsy brand from Vermont specializing in organic cosmetics and skincare. Their Foundation Powder, made with only four natural ingredients, comes in eight shades all packaged in glass jars with cork tops- all our boxes are checked!

There’s a few special qualities buying this product comes with: the seller is incredibly transparent about the best way to use this foundation and also offers color matching by sending in a photo of yourself, and a full refund if the shade is not correct. For best results, they recommend buying a shade lighter than you would usually and applying over a face cream for more coverage.

We had three of our writers try their affordable samples to put this foundation to the test of different skin types, shades and applications. Read on to see the results!

Forage Field’s color range for foundation.

Forage Field’s color range for foundation.

Tori’s Review

Before + After using Foraged Fields foundation

Before + After using Foraged Fields foundation

I was excited about this product as soon as it arrived in a completely recyclable paper mailer with a bonus face cream sample. Because Foraged Fields recommended applying a base, I decided to try one half of my face with (left) and one half without (right).

The coconut oil free face cream did work great as a base, I immediately noticed the product clinging on, but still being blendable. I used a dense rounded brush to apply the powder and stamped it rather than brushing in circles. Even using only a small amount of powder I was able to see a nice amount of color pay off.

On the side without a base, I did notice the color not showing quite as much, but still blending in nicely. Both ways, the color blended well with my skin tone and made it virtually impossible to see where the foundation was applied and where it wasn’t.

I loved the natural finish and glow this foundation gave me, and that it felt like I had nothing on my skin all the while. Because of the light finish, I wasn’t able to tell if it faded throughout the day like I might see with a full coverage foundation. I liked this though, as hours later it didn’t look settled or cakey.

With a light moisturizer under it, I can see this becoming my summer foundation. It’s lightweight and still managed to give me the even color I look for in a foundation. I definitely recommend this foundation.

Janelle’s Review

Before + After using Foraged Fields foundation

Before + After using Foraged Fields foundation

When the product arrived in the mail, I was really excited and loved the packaging. Both the foundation and bonus face cream came packed in a small recyclable container and the entire package itself was 100% recyclable as well. It’s not everyday you find beauty products that have sustainable ingredients and packaging. With my face cleaned and products in hand, I was more than ready to try it out. Like Tori, I also decided to do half my face with the face cream (right) and the other half without (left).

To start off, I applied the face cream using my fingers and a small foundation brush. Right away I noticed how much coverage there was with even a dot of an amount. The cream felt smooth and soft against my skin and added an extra glow to my face. It didn’t feel too liquid-y or too thick, the balance was perfect.

After applying the face cream, I started putting on the powder foundation and noticed right away the process wasn’t exactly as smooth. As someone with a dryer skin type, I tend to favor liquid foundations way more than powdered ones. The face cream certainly helped with the application, but it wasn’t blending as well as I would have liked. I always go for a more natural look and prefer my foundation to match my skin shade. I didn’t feel I was getting as much of a match as I would have liked.

With my skin shade, it’s important that the brand has multiple shade options so I have a better chance of finding a match without having to mix foundations. With only 8 shades available, even the closest foundation to my skin color wasn’t exactly the shade I would have liked it.

With all that being said, I did think the foundation did a great job on coverage, just like the face cream. A small amount really went a long way. Had the finish better matched my shade, I definitely could get long usage out of the foundation. All in all, while this wasn’t the foundation for me, I still would recommend trying it out. For those who don’t have to be as selective on their shade choices, I think this a foundation worth wearing. It has great coverage, has a lightweight feel, is affordable and most importantly, is sustainable.

Delilah’s review

Before + After using Foraged Fields foundation

Before + After using Foraged Fields foundation

Upon receiving my foundation, I swatched the color and was very excited to see that the shade matched me, although it does appear a little darker on the skin than in the package, which is something to keep in mind. Another great first impression was that the sample came in sustainable packaging and surprisingly came with a good amount of product. When I first tried the foundation on my face, going in with a fluffy powder brush, I found that I couldn’t get the product to stick to my face well, and it was hard to tell where I had already applied the powder. Afterwords, I actually read the product description and found that they recommend applying a face cream first to allow the powder to stick to, which worked much better.

The coverage is definitely light, and evens out the skin tone very effectively. When I put on the rest of my face makeup, I found that the foundation created a fantastic base to smoothly blend on blush and bronzer. I was very happy with the final look, and it barely felt like I was wearing foundation, which is a huge bonus in the summer weather.

By the end of a long day, I could tell that the foundation had worn off a little around my jaw area, probably from the heat and touching my face throughout the day. However, this is to be expected with most light coverage foundations, and the powder melted down to a beautiful dewy finish. I love this foundation, especially for quick every-day types of looks, since it is light and effective!

Final thoughts

This product wasn’t perfect for all of us, but still has its good qualities. For a light coverage, powder foundation in zero waste packaging, consider checking out Foraged Fields– if you do, let us know with your thoughts on our social media!

–Tori D’amico, Janelle Sessoms, Delilah Eby