Fashion Love Story: portraits of well loved clothes

We’ve all heard Vivienne Westwood’s famous dictum, “Buy less, buy better”. The point of this is to own things we actually value and we don’t see as disposable. Because loved clothes last. We don’t just wear clothes for comfort, but for what they mean to us or how they make us feel.
For the past year we’ve been photographing friend’s in NYC and hearing their stories about their favorite items of clothing. The ones here have been customized, handed down and appreciated for their history. Imagine if all of our garments felt this special?
During our “shelter in place” period we took the opportunity to make a few of them into videos.

Avery the Activist

We met Avery Tsai at a Climate March and have been a fan of this young activist ever since. A fixture on the climate scene she is a dedicated activist with an uplifting presence. Here she shares the story of her very special cape. Learn even more about her in our profile featuring her here.

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Juleon Robinson

Our friend Juleon shared with us the story of his sweater, handed down from his grandfather who served in the Louisiana State Legislature in the 1970s. –A rarity for a Black man to be in a hall of power in Louisiana at that time. Worn and faded, this sweater has the scars of history, of lives well led. As a housing activist Juleon continues the desire to fight for justice that he inherited from his grandfather.

Sara Idacavage

Our friend Sara is a noted fashion historian with amazing style. She has carefully collected vintage clothes from the ’60s and ’70s that are bright and colorful. And she doesn’t just keep them hidden away but wears them every day. Here she talks about a vintage piece from Betsey Johnson’s first line, Alley Cat.

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