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The ‘80s fashion trends that inspire us and where to find them second hand

The ‘80s never cease to amaze us. The infamous Decade of Greed was a unique time to be alive. Strongly linked to the birth of pop culture and consumerism aka when “sell out” was no longer something to be ashamed of (for better or worse!). Thanks to the economic prosperity of the time, there was a huge emergence in fashion. A world overwhelmed by bright colors, colorful accessories and fluorescent makeups. But before moving on, go check the previous decade!




Recognized for its sweetness and delicacy, the return of candy colors must be the cutest trend of this summer. These sorbet hues suit a wide variety of skin tones. Take the risk and combine pastels shades for a chic aesthetic. Back then, it became an established trend in men’s fashion and was usually related to Miami’s aesthetic. If you’re looking to turn heads with your look, mix a salmon pink cropped shirt with high-waisted lilac pants and a light yellow blazer with rolled and cuffed sleeves.



More is MORE! That’s what the 80’s bright coloring was about. Connected to the rave culture, the neon revolution turned into a lifestyle. The fashion runway showed us a strong presence from fluorescent clothes, like Balenciaga’s resort 2021. This summer, bring back some optimism and joviality to your wardrobe. Start monochrome: choose a lime green silky top blouse and lime green pleated pants and add a different color, like this oversized vibrant fuchsia blazer, to emphasize the outfit.



Also known as the Aloha shirt, the Hawaiian print was one of the many bold prints popular in the 80s. A stylish way to show a carefree attitude. This year, our beloved Rihanna was spotted wearing an oversized and colorful Hawaiian shirt from Celine’s summer collection. We can all agree no one has ever done the groceries in such a fashionable outfit. In honor of Riri, here’s a Barbados original Hawaiian shirt with a colorful tropical bird print.



We encourage you to dive into this broad denim world and get acquainted with new combinations. The denim trend was all about oversized jackets, slouchy jeans and acid wash. Vastly featured in films and advertisements. Look at the iconic look of Marty McFly if you have any doubt about the strength of this trend. The key to rock a denim-centric outfit today is reduced to mixing blue hues. A short blue denim jacket and curved-waist wide-tapered leg jeans, that’s all you need to rock a good denim look.



Intrinsically connected to the Power Dressing of the Era: put some power on your shoulders! Big, boxy blazers with shoulder pads for a structured silhouette. This outerwear helps you to elongate your legs. Hailey Bieber has proven to us the versatility of oversized blazers while styling this garment in infinite ways. If you’re looking to turn heads with your look, wear this oversized black plaid blazer.



One of the biggest references of the decade. Bomber jackets came from military pilots and high school football players. From nylon to leather, you could find this popular fashion item in a lot of different materials. A wildcard among the celebrities’ street style, add this spring-friendly outwear to uplift your sport-luxe outfit. If you are the daring type of fashionista, get ready to steal glances with this shiny nylon Ferrari bomber jacket.



You can’t beat the classics. Leather jackets have been a symbol of the young for a long time, usually appropriated by rebellious subcultures like the ‘50s Greasers or the ‘70s Punks. Leather Blazers were a rocker option for this renowned tailored garment. Out on the streets, this timeless item became the ultimate must-have for all the top models. Try on this oversized black leather blazer with wide shoulders and bishop sleeves to make a real statement.



This trend isn’t going away any time soon. Distinctive from the decade, the aerobics craze allowed a great breakthrough for sportswear –as did the Fly Girls. These stylish athletic biker shorts are the coolest choice, whether you dress formally or sporty.


Trend Alert: Polka Dot prints! A widespread trend, worn many times by the fashion icon Lady Di. This pattern came in every color and sometimes they were even worn all at once. If you’re on the fence, consider this a sign that you need one. A freshly, funny and eye-catching print to transmit pure sophistication. Black  (or blue) or white? We just couldn’t decide! Both dresses are perfect to wear on a warm and sunny day.



If there’s something the ’80s is distinguished for, it’s channeling volume on the shoulders. Actually, these puff sleeves were taken and exaggerated from the classic 40s silhouette. With the Cottagecore movement still strong you know we appreciate a little romanticism in our lives (and in our wardrobes too). For an impeccable look, consider this white cotton midi-length dress with delicate light blue flowers and astonishing puff sleeves.

–Nazarena Correia


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