Forget your leggings and sweats: Here are 20 trousers worth wearing this Fall


It’s time to get dressed

Forget your leggings and sweats…

Getting back to school and work is not always easy. Especially if you have spent quite some time in those favorite pajama pants, or boxers that you could get away with during a Zoom meeting where people could only see you from the shoulders up. That’s so 2020. Get ready for the grand world reopening with a good pair of trousers! It’s always better to be well-prepared, and by ‘well’ I really mean stylish.

But after such a long time working from home, finding the proper attire to show up at any social event now seems like relearning the dress code. Because:

1. we’re not that ready to leave the comfort of our lounge pants, and
2. we love the comeback of y2k trend in accessories, but glittery Paris Hilton style low-rise jeans just don’t cut it

Worry not, for we have scoured the Internet and picked out a list of the most desirable trousers for Fall 2021. These covetable classics easily flatter the female body, and are a must if you are serious about that desk-to-dinner attire. The curation, picked from our favorite sustainable brands, share a common theme – Liberation. Mix it, layer it, add accents to it, and you’re ready to make an entrance.

Easy elegance

Slide yourself into these comfortable yet effortlessly chic trousers and head straight to the office, or coffee shop. Each comes with a sleek cut and a body-aware silhouette, allowing maximum breathability coupled with volume designed to amp up confidence, one stride at a time. Elegance made easy, with a hint of athleisure. Embrace the season with fall earthy tones: terracotta clay and green of all intensities are always great neutrals. Still not enough? Opt for a more liberal take on the classic piece, like this Aggie Pant from Mastani, which features a marbled color situation.



From left to right:
Naadam Ribbed Lightweight Wide Leg Pants
Mara Hoffman Eldora Pant
ph5 Scarlett Silky Wide Leg Pants

Mastani Aggie Pant


“Gird your loins!” All poshed up, and occasionally, preppy – this is the extreme opposite to the ultra-comfort trend that has reigned for almost 2 years. And it’s only gaining momentum. Box-pleated, tailored bottoms designed for power dressing, worn over not heels, but loafers and Oxfords, are leading the charge for gender-neutral fashion. Nothing really makes an entrance quite like a power suit. And we’re more than ready.

Check out these pinstripe unisex cigarette pants from Studio 189. Structured from organic cotton and inspired by African native culture, each piece from this artisanal studio is a blend of vacation fantasy and power moves. While the NYC based Mara Hoffman gives us a blush pink adaptation of the men’s trousers – the new coveted flavor of the season, a breath of fresh air for fall 2021.



From left to right:
Mara Hoffman Marella Pant
Studio 189 Black and White Stripe Organic Cotton Baldwin Pants
St. Roche Claudine Wide Leg Pant in White

Everyday extravagance

There’s no way we’re going to wear the same thing as we did before the pandemic. At the moment, more is more. Loud prints, bright and off-kilter colors, and lots of sparkle, a maximalist revamp in fashion is giving us not only a 2000s nostalgia, but more a Roaring ‘20s redux.

Spice up your look with unexpected cuts and colors: These shiny navy silk pants from Studio 189 felt celebratory, yet wearable enough to pair with a blouse for an occasional office look. Tyler McGillivary packs a visual punch with the disco party-approved Lucia Pant, and the designer’s signature Contour Print, adapted on a cropped Luna Pant, looks like the coolest mood-booster to add to your wardrobe.



From left to right:
Studio 189 Navy Silk Andy Pants
Paloma Wool Chasis Pant
Tyler McGillivary Lucia Pant
Tyler McGillivary Lula Pant

Yassss to comfort

2020 (and half of 2019) had us figuring out the best possible ways to make comfort stylish. And if you can be both at once, then why not? Try some elevated knit in calming hues of lavender, lime green, mustard yellow, or pastel tones of choice, for easy-going, feminine streetwear cred. Or go full sporty-chic mode with a supple pair of joggers topped up with a blazer, and worn with stilettos. Cozy need not mean lacking polish, that’s what we’ve picked up from every. single. designer collection this year.



From left to right:
find me now Kaia Pant
The Essential Pant
MATE the label Fleece Relaxed Pocket Sweatpant
Mother of pearl LUNA GREY JOGGER

Wide-leg denim

Low-rise jeans are cute, but practicality-wise? No bueno. After decades of denim trends, relaxed fit is the way to go. They literally never go out of style, comfy yet makes you look great. While that vintage Levi’s 501 wash may have secured its position as a cult item, you can switch it up and go for a non-washed version for a more polished, cleaner look. Better yet, sport the ubiquitous top-to-toe indigo trend that is all over this year’s runways: the monochromatic ensembles can be dressed up or down, sultry or prim and proper. And don’t forget to get ready for the white and black jeans revamp.



From left to right:
MUD jeans Wyde Sara
MUD jeans Relax Rose

Mara Hoffman Fontana Pant


–Jacqueline Pham