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Is there anyone who doesn’t like an unexpected treat? A little baking can be therapeutic and those batches of cookies can make a great gift. Think you can’t bake? One of our recipes has only TWO ingredients! And they are all made with wholesome ingredients…so enjoy these holiday treats to give –and receive!

chocolate peppermint cups recipe

chocolate peppermint cups

A perennial favorite for chocolate lovers – and oh so easy – 4 ingredients, 10 minutes prep, and say, yes, please I want some more.

Get all the deets at Cookie + Kate!

2 Ingredient cookies recipe

2 Ingredient cookies

Okay, this recipe is allll over the interwebs. And why not since it’s so. damn. easy. It’s just bananas and oatmeal. Wait. What??? (we heard you thinking) Yep. It’s called a breakfast cookie because of the ingredients. But we know you, and you’re going to take it to a whole ‘nother level. With peanut butter. Or dark chocolate chips. Or raisins. Or all of the above. And suddenly those 2-ingredient cookies will be bespoke creations all your own.

Your signature dessert. Can you see it? YUM!

…but first you have to start with the basics.

we like the recipe here

easy pumpkin cheesecake cups

easy pumpkin cheesecake cups

Pumpkin isn’t just for Thanksgiving, and while making a cheesecake can be a bit daunting if you’re a winter pumpkin sort of person (ok who isn’t?) this easy no-bake recipe from our vegetarian go-to girl Kate will prove a just dessert on a cold day.

recipe here

bittersweet chocolate mousse with fleur de sel

bittersweet chocolate mousse with fleur de sel

Sounds fancy pants, no? From our fave food writer at the New York Times, Melissa Clark it is described: This intense, creamy one-ingredient chocolate mousse adapted from the molecular gastronomist Hervé This. The nearly instant recipe contains no cream or eggs, so a complex chocolate can shine.

 A miracle to those of us in the vegan realm –or any realm– you’ll agree after tasting.

recipe here (and be sure to read how others modified it in the comments section!)

the world peace cookie

the world peace cookie

Before we begin: all of the other recipes can be done right before guests arrive – no prob. THIS one needs the dough to sit for 2 hours before baking…so plan accordingly!

Not sure how we came across this recipe but the name…I mean, c’mon. Can you NOT like a cookie called the World Peace Cookie? Whose very premise is that if everyone shared it there would be world peace? …we couldn’t pass it up. The question is, can you? Enjoy!

recipe here

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